March 22, 2011
By JesstheSith BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
JesstheSith BRONZE, Cheswick, Pennsylvania
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I am walking along the leaf litter in the forest, an owl hoots on a distant branch and its head swivels in search of its next meal. I look up at the clouded murky sky, then down at my digital watch that reads 6:30, Only a half an hour left. I smile licking my lips hungrily. Today's my first time to feed alone, independent of my parents who used to catch it for me when I was a pup. The beast within hungers for warm meat, not the cold, store bought frozen meat. Rabbit meat would be nice, or maybe deer meat, I muse, but not human meat. I shrug at that thought, I have a human friend, no, a girl friend. I'm far away from civilization, on land untouched by bulldozers and chainsaws. I come to a clearing, the trees in a frozen circle, and I sit down cross legged.

Minutes pass by, and I look up at the dark sky, the small cloud working its way from the full moon. I strip myself of my clothing, and flex my bulky muscles. I grit my teeth, a low growl rumbles in my throat. My leg bones reshape themselves, my toes become paws. My fingers flex, nails growing into curved claws. My skull reshapes into canine form, teeth sharpening, and my ears become pointed. A feral snarl tares from my throat, my vision warps enhancing my sight. Thick black fur sprouts from my skin, and my muscles bulge out. I rear back and howl at the moon, my transformation complete.

Something moves in the bushes, my acute ears picking up the noise. I lunge after it, not caring what it was as long as it's a tasty morsel that satisfies my hunger. Saliva flies from my jaws as I snap at the rabbit's feet, the thrill of the chase pumps adrenaline into my veins. I pounce, sinking my canines into warm living flesh, I growl draining the life from my prey. I devour the rabbit within seconds, I lick my chops savoring the flavor of the meat.

“Roger.” A calm voice spoke, I whirl around startled.
'Katy, what are you doing here?' I eyed the pale woman as she approaches me.

“You still got blood on your face.” Katy stands on her tip-toes, she licks the blood, her fangs peaking from her lips. My wet tongue licks her cheek affectionately, our arms embrace each other. Werewolves and vampires are natural enemies, competing for food, and territory. The love I have for Katy is forbidden, death is our punishment.

“I have to go, my father requires me to be home by midnight.” She sighs, I give a soft whimper and nuzzle her. “I'll see you tomorrow night, okay?” Katy chuckles, stroking my fur.

'I understand.' I lay down, yawning from the long day. Katy walked into the bushes, and was long out of sight. I fall into an undisturbed slumber, thinking of tomorrow's activities.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for writing this was when I watched the Underworld movies, which has forbidden love between a werewolf and a vampire. The point of view is from one that was born a werewolf, and is used to the painful transformations.

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