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March 20, 2011
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I remember the leaves changing colors and then falling to the ground, the sun falling over my face. Pure bliss my best memory. I haven’t seen the sun in over two years. I and my best friend Cara have been enslaved by the government for two whole years. We were in a secret government program that no one would believe ever existed. Cara and I had lived together since we were two years old. Are parents were best friends. Hers died when she was two, mine when I was ten. I remember the day my parents died like it was yesterday. Me and Cara where sleeping and my mother started screaming my name. “Scar, Scarlett wake up!” I woke up almost immediately. I jumped on Cara’s bed waking her up. “wh- what’s going on?” the smell hit me like ice water blood gasoline and smoke. I grabbed my natdi and Caras hand and ran out my room. I saw my mother shot dead in her chest and my dad hung off the staircase. My house was on fire, flames all around me. I collapsed and started crying Cara carried me out of the house with my face, neck and arms singed by the flames that ruined my life. My permanent memory… my scars.

I would not speak or look at any one for months. The only person who kept me alive was

Cara. She was truly my guardian angel. After my parents died, me and Cara went from foster home to foster home. We where bounced around like unwanted animals. That’s all we where we where now was unwanted. We suffered in foster care for five years, no one cared that we got beat, or starved or even the fact that Cara got raped. They just didn’t care.

Me and Cara where in the back of a truck, I didn’t know if it was day or night they all blended together. When I woke Cara up she wasn’t looking good. She all ways got car sick. The day we got in this place was the day I promised Cara we would get out of here, and I meant it.

“Hey” Cara said to me in a choked out sort of way.

“How was your little nap?” I asked.

“Ugh only if I could get comfortable’

“Don’t I know? One day Cara, one day”

Soon the gleam in her eyes said. There were seven other people crammed in this truck. It was cold and the hay are, bedding was damp and it smelled bad. The truck slammed on its breaks. Me and Cara smacked heads. Hard!

“Are we there all ready?” Cara asked.

“I guess.” I said.

We where both rubbing are heads now. We heard people talking and a gate opening. Another jail I thought, great. We where put in ice cold hand cuffs. We where all shoved out of the truck. It was cold and muddy. It was night, as always. They never let us see the sun ever. When we got in are room and there was two tiny beds, with one inch thick mattresses, two pillows and small blankets. We where buzzed in on the intercom.

“Time to eat.” a man said.

As we were walking down the hallway Cara spoke to me.

“Why do we live like this? Why did God do this to us Scar?”

“Well, because Gods not real if he was he would’ve answered my only prayer”

“Maybe” Cara said “Just maybe.”

We walked the rest of the way in silence. I was starving! They had chili and fries. Gross!

“I have to pee.” Cara said

“You know we can’t leave until we are dismissed.”

“Please Scar.”

“Okay you win”

We snuck out the back.

“We need to go to are room right after were.”


“Wear is the bathroom?”

“Over here I think.”

I stopped her almost immediately.

“Shush.” I said.

“What are we going to do China has found out about planet Xaineder.” A man said.

“We have enough nukes to blow up the world 20 times” another man said.

“No s*** Captain Duh,” the first man said.

“We are going to blow up China anyway so why does it matter.” the second man said.

“Why does it matter?” The first man said. He was yelling now.

“It was matters because if word gets out there theory is true our whole operation will be shut down.”

I wanted leave but I just had to stay. Cara pulled me up “let’s go. Now!”

We hurried to our room and finally got our first look at it there was a bathroom and to our surprise a window. After Cara went to the bathroom we looked at the window. Just enough room to fit one person through. We checked all around for security and alarm systems. Security was very low because we were about to be moved again. Perfect opportunity I thought!

“Cara, get your stuff we are leaving tonight!”

When all of our stuff was packed, not like we had much we opened up the window and cut the screen out. My heart was pounding.

“Cara, you first” I saw all the hope, fear, and happiness in her eyes as she told me. “Ok”

“I think I’m stuck.” She said.

I saw her leg half dangling out the window. “Hold on” I said “Ummm ok I got it.”

I pushed her leg out the window she fell down with a loud THUD.

“OUCH!” she yelled.

“Shut up” I said in a hushed tone.

“We are going to get caught with a mouth like yours.”


“Ok, catch my stuff.”

I had a small duffel bag with my name stitched on it. There were some clothes and my natdi and a picture of me, Cara, and my parents. My most valued possessions. I threw it out the window “got it” she whispered.

“Ok, I am going out the window.”

This is it I thought …my new world…my free world, and I climbed out the window.

“Hey look over here.” Cara said

“What?” I asked

“There is a hole under the fence”

“Start digging!” I said as I tossed our stuff over the fence. We crawled under the fence and we were gone, not looking back.

We were on some main road I couldn’t see the name just yet. We kept walking anyways. I saw some creepy guy moving closer and closer to us then three others followed.

“Cara run!” I screamed. I started running.

Then that’s the first time I saw his eyes. The beautiful grayish green color that held my heart.

He opened up his car “Get in!” he yelled the men followed.

His car is yellow and black Corvette convertible with leather seats.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Dmitri” he replied in the sexiest voice I ever heard.

“I am Scar and this is Cara”

“Hi” said Cara.

“Well you can chill at my place if you want.”

“That sounds great” I said.

When we got his house it was dark. He lived in an apartment. He turned on the light, and there was a couch a T.V., a dinky kitchen and a backroom.

“Couch! Called it” Cara said

“Well” said Dmitri “I guess I will show you the rest.”

“Ok” I said. Man he’s so cute I thought.

“Ok, here is the bathroom if you wanna take a shower and here’s my room. I don’t have another bed so I can just sleep on the floor if you’re uncomfortable with sharing.”

“No, its fine we can share.”

“Ummm… where are the towels?”

“Oh right… over here” he said as he handed me a towel.

“Thanks” and he walked away.

I turned the water on. I hadn’t taken a hot shower in years. After I got out, Dmitri gave me a shirt to wear, “thanks” I said as I climbed into bed.

“So.” he said

“Yeah” I replied.

“Why were you and Cara running?”

So I told him everything about my parents about foster care and about being a slave. I even told him about what the government was planning to do.

“You have to tell the people!”

“I know but how?”

“Use my radio station.”

“Really? They could kill you for this!”

“Look Scar it would be worth it people need to know they have been living a lie”

“I just want to know who killed my parents.” I started crying. All of the tears that I had hid for the past 7 years were released.

“C’mon where going to go somewhere” Dmitri said.

“Okay.” I said in between tears.

We drove in his car for what seemed like in hour. When we reached are destination, which was a lake. He pulled out a blanket out of his trunk. He walked to my side of the car and opened my door. I stepped out of the car and intently shivered. He pulled off his jacket and put it around my shoulders.

“Thanks.” I whispered

He held my hand and as started walking through the dark ocean of white sparkles.

“It’s just a little further.” He said

When we got over the small hill my breath was taken from my body.

“Its beautiful!” and that was all I could say.

He laid the blanket down and motioned me towards him. I laid on his chest feeling his heartbeat with every little thump it made.

“Look at all the stars they prove that there is always something out there, they prove threes hope peace and prosperity. The universe will never stop expanding it will never end. Just as love will never end or die”

“I know” I whispered I know

He looked at me with those beautiful eyes, and kissed my lips. So soft and tender. I was sure I was dreaming but no it was real.

When I awoke under warm sheets. Weeks went by without realization. Me and Dmitri and Cara planed are radio station dispute. We had decided to do it on my birthday. Which was January 31st 2012. We only had a few days left, now. When Dmitri approached me with my natdi.

“Oh that’s my natdi.” I said

“What?!” he asked. Utterly confused.

“It’s an Indian word for protection, my grandmother made for me when I was little.”

The best way I could describe I could describe it was a ratty old blanket, but I loved it. Almost as much as I loved Dmitri.

As we were going to bed Dmitri looked in my eyes and said,

“I love you.” He spoke it with his heart.

“I love you just as much.”

I had to tell you incase any thing happens, I love you.”

He kissed my lips with pure passion. I awoke in Dmitri’s arms.

“Scar, Scarlett wake up.”

When I heard this in Dmitri’s sweet loving voice I wasn’t scared like I was before. When my mom said those same words. I got up and got dressed in my favorite black shirt, tight jeans, and my black boots. Me, Cara, and Dmitri drove to the radio station. The roads where icy but we slow and carefully.

“Happy Birthday Scar!” Dmitri and Cara said in unison.

Eighteen I thought already. We where at the radio station I told the country about everything the government did about all the hurt they caused everyone and all the wrong they did, and if they cared they would fight. I told them its better to die a hero then a corowerd. We drove home and we were fallowed by the government no doubt. Dmitri tried to lose them but the roads were too icy. We were spinning out of control. I lost track of how many times we flipped on the bridge. We slowly started to stop.

“O my god Cara, Cara please look at me! Cara don’t leave me!” I was screaming now the black SUV was gone. Cara was gone her face was covered in blood. My hands were shaking now. Then it hit me Dmitri. I heard a faint whisper.


“Dmitri I can’t lose you to stay with me!” I was in tears now.

His hand roped from mine he was gone. I crawled out of a broken window and stod up.

“Why! God why would you take the only thing that ever matter to me. Why do you take every thing from me! Why! Why would you do this to me!?” I couldn’t stop screaming at the sky. I walked to the edge of the bridge and jumped. For once I was free I could fly I was an angel I was a part of the sky. Then there was light so beautiful but bright I saw Cara my parents my grandmother and, Dmitri. I now realized it didn’t matter how many breaths I toke it was how many moments toke my breath away

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