March 3, 2011
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It started out as a normal day for Chris Zeedayson, a normal 20 year old with brown curly hair and a pale complexion; he woke up, brushed his teeth, took a shower, and got dressed. It was Saturday, shopping day in his house. He decided to go to the Wal-Mart across town. As he left his house, he noticed something was very wrong. The streets were empty, and the place had been quarantined and closed down. Ever since Chris was a kid he had always watched horror movies, so this all too familiar scene scared him. As he drove around looking for an answer as to what happened, he found one. After stopping at several abandoned stores he reached the Wal-Mart. On the sliding door there was a message that read, “WARNING: THIS BUILDING HAS BEEN QUARANTINED, DO NOT ENTER!” Chris paid no attention and walked in anyway.
Everything seemed normal, the lights were on, TV’s broadcasting promotions, and nothing seemed out of place. After walking through aisles 1- 17, he figured someone had to be there. “Hello?” he shouted, hoping to get some response. Instantly after came a sound , high pitched and raw, it made Chris’s heart rate spring up to way above normal. He started to run, trying to hide from whatever creature had made the noise. For what seemed like forever, he listened to the sound of his own breathing. From a distance, something had caught his eye, and at the sight he froze in terror, not believing what he was seeing. On the TV monitor above him, an emergency broadcast for the entire nation was spelling out these words, “ZOMBIE INVASION…ZOMBIE INVASION…DESTROYED TOWNS…OUT OF CONTROL...”

As a teen, Chris saw every zombie movie ever made, so he knew he couldn’t take the warning lightly. “What kind of zombies are they?” he thought. What seemed like a thousand questions were running through his mind. Along with those questions were thoughts about his family. Chris hadn’t seen any of his three brothers, or his parents in over a year. He knew after he got out of the store, he had to find out if they were okay. Chris then decided that he needed to outrun the creature, what he thought to be a zombie now, and escape the dreaded Wal-Mart. “On three…” he told himself, “one…two…three!” He started out in a full sprint towards the main entrance. From behind him he heard a vicious bloodthirsty snarl, then the faint sound of running footsteps. His heart felt like exploding as he ran faster. “Almost there!” he shouted, not caring if the creature now knew exactly where he was. He came to an abrupt halt when the monster suddenly appeared in front of the door. The zombie has bloodshot eyes, eyes as red as rubies, and off colored skin. The skin frightened him, not because it was scary, no it was the unexpected coloration, the beautiful shades of purple and blues that scared him. Weren’t zombies supposed to be covered in blood and look dead and pale? Chris and the humanoid stared for minutes. “RAAAAAAAAA!” throat ripping snarls came from the creature. Terrified, he started running not knowing where he was going. As he approached the tenth aisle, he tripped, and had guessed that this would be his undoing. To his surprise nothing was behind him.
“Where did..?” BOOM! A thunderous explosion hit the north end of Wal-Mart and was completely shattered. “RUN!” A voice screamed, echoing throughout the store. Without thinking Chris took off in a full sprint, “Wait!” he shouted, unaware of the being coming up fast behind him. Four seconds later he realized the savior must not have heard him, because just then the voice said, “Destroy the building!” before he could say anything, the zombie got a hold of his leg and tripped him. He tried to push the thing off of him but it was too strong, and realizing he was about to die he screamed, and a lone bullet shot off at aisle 6. “Get up, hurry!” the man said, Chris didn’t need to be told twice. Leaving the terrifying Wal-Mart, he stood in shock at what he saw. Before him stood an entire group of the infected creatures, much like the one that had attacked him. “Were in trouble.” The man said, just quiet enough for Chris to make out his words.
My name is Michael Caesar, and I am infected. Infected with the fatal virus that turns you into the beautiful walking dead. When the epidemic hit I was on my way home from a very long day at the mall, I was the manager of a local thrifty store. I first laid my eyes on the tall, white creature right before I came to my street. That was also the last time I remember being human. Getting the virus was probably the best thing that could of happened to me. I was introduced to a world that I only dreamed of, a world of unbelievable strength and speed, a world of immortality. Unfortunately I was made aware by my kind that I had enemies, enemies that matched my strength and speed. When the virus hit, those infected mutated into two different groups, similar in ways but completely different in whole. The first group, of which we call infected, turned shades of grey and black, and unlike our brethren kept our higher brain function. As for the second group, so famously named zombies, turned blue and purple and became man-eaters and archrivals of us better infected. I was not a zombie, not at all. I was not mindless, hungry, and I did not decay. I was just, infected, like so many others.


“I need to find him!” I roared, grabbing my pistols. Two guns simultaneously click, getting ready to fire. “Where is he? I will not ask you again human.” The human was short, a female with dark brown hair who I had found at the saviors house.
“I-I don’t know where he is!” She said shaking.
“Liar,” I say, whispering in my scratchy voice, “I hear your heartbeat; I can tell you’re lying. You don’t understand how important he is, have you seen the news?” She nods. “Well he’s the only one that can fix it. This ‘Zombie Invasion’ can only end with his help. Now, do you know where Chris is?”
The woman’s face changes, gentler now. “It’s Saturday, which means he’ll probably be shopping at Wal-Mart.” Shit. What better place for the only person that can save the world then in a large zombie infested store?

I was out the door instantly, using my incredible speed to run across town and try to help the only person that could help us all. On Fourth Street I believe I see something, my belief coming into reality when a split second later I get tackled. “RAAAAAAAA!” the creature screamed at me, rage and hunger being apparently shown in its dark, ruby eyes.
“You don’t want to do this.” I say calmly, hoping for a second that the creature could understand me. Another throat ripping snarl, and the beautiful zombie lunged. My body moves like lightning, and a second later I'm on top of the struggling creature. I don’t give it time to react before I shoot, and the silence from the creature confirms my kill.
“Now where was I?” I ask myself, confused. It was always harder to think when the instinct to kill took over. In the distance I heard a shout,
“Almost there!” it said, and then the famous throat ripping snarls.
I remembered, Chris was in danger and I needed to get there. I take off, determined to kill the infected monster about to take the life of the savior. I reach Wal-Mart in two minutes flat. I took a single grenade and threw it at the biggest wall of the store.
“RUN!” I shout as loud as I can. I was about to run in after him, when I heard something come up behind me. I whip around taking out my pistols. “Get those guns out of my face.”
“Yes commander.” I say, shocked to see the head of the infected.
“Destroy the building! What’re you waiting for!” he shouts.
“Sir, Chris Zeedayson is in there.” I said no more before I ran in to save him. Aisle one...Two...Four...Six, then I saw it, the alpha zombie. It was beautifully terrifying, and 3 times as big then a normal zombie. I take out my pistol and shoot with deadly accuracy, and hit it directly in the frontal lobe. “Get up, hurry!” I yell at Chris, his confused expression almost humorous. He walks with me outside when the worst possible thing occurs, a horde of zombies waiting to rip us to pieces, and the commander scattered out in front of us. “Were in trouble.” I whisper, hoping he can hear me. One by one they came after me, and one by one I took them out. This is what made infected different than zombies, the ability to think and change tactics. Three zombies charge and I take them out like a lion takes out a gazelle.
“There’s too many of them!” Chris shouts, terrified. “Is there anything I can do?”
“Yea hide you idiot!” Enough of this nonsense, I have to get Chris to safety. I then proceeded to take out my ultimate weapon.
“A whistle, well what the hell’s that supposed to do!” Chris said, impatiently.
I turn behind me and see another alpha zombie. I go for the obvious kill, and it fails. “This one is, smarter.” I whisper. I don’t know how this is possible, but right now I don’t have time to think. “Come get some you mo-” BOOOOM! I get slammed into a nearby car. How can it possibly be faster than me? I'm up on my feet in a fraction of a second, but the zombie b****** is nowhere to be found. BOOOOM! BOOOM! BOOOM! My body gets slammed like a pinball, hitting everything around me.
“RAAAAAAAAAA! You infected are so… arrogant” the zombie brute chuckled. “What? Didn’t know we could talk?”
I get slammed again, and for the first time since the transformation my body starts to ache. “How… How is this possible? You’re just a… Zombie!” I scream, taking out the whistle again. I blow and blow and blow, waiting. Suddenly the zombies face changes, and I can’t help but laugh. “You’re dead, you, you’re whole kind, are all dead.”
“That’s what you thing infected pig, that’s what you think.” The zombie said very calmly.
Three seconds later 250 infected were on the scene. Growls and screams were among the crowd, all looking at the monstrous creature before me. The zombie didn’t have time to react before they tore him to pieces.
“You have some explaining to do Caesar.” Voiced one of the officers, terror among his face.
“Yes sir, you have no idea. Chris! Get over here”
Chris comes over slowly, really seeing me for the first time. “You’re a …”
“Yes, infected. We all are. And you Chris are the cure. You just didn’t know it.” I say. Again, the look on his face is almost humorous.

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MKimmi said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 4:33 pm
This is pretty nice. So, one group is like "vampires zombies" and the othe ris the real zombie? I don't really get it
AndyWawrzusin replied...
Mar. 11, 2011 at 1:50 pm
Both groups are zombies, but one group kept the higher brain function and the other one didnt. They sorta compete against each other.
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