thebegining of the end

February 28, 2011
By , seattle, WA
“Another one without enough sense for self protection. I love those ones. They don’t last as long, but always taste better.” One of the people said. I guess I should describe them better. There were five of them. Each one had the basic structure of a human, but also had many things that made it quite obvious that they weren’t human. Each one was wearing a strange mask, which covered up most of their face, except for needed areas. One of them had a strange mask that resembled a sideways hourglass with diamond shaped eyes. This one had a long, thin, tentacle coming from its forehead and an incredibly long tongue. Another had a mask that was also like an hourglass, but not turned in any direction. This one had large, eyes that looked like they had been turned sideways. It was going in a pattern. But I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me, so… chop!!!! I looked down, and saw a sword sticking from my side, surrounded by a pool of blood. It was the end. I was going to die. I saw my whole life flashing before my eyes, and heard him chanting something about meat and bones and death and some other stuff that was really weird. I heard a voice and saw a bunch of smoke, and that is all I remembered.

The bad news was: I still couldn’t remember who I was! I had some good ideas, but need to know the truth. Will I ever find out? I was just sitting there feeling miserable, when I saw a sign. It said something like this: £ƒ¥ôö£ {????. I touched it and the letters changed: “the answer is the city of words. It is the place where it is decided how you shall die, for that is the only way you can escape.” As I read the sign I remembered how good it felt when I was nearly dead, and I wished, silently, that it would all be over this time.

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