Trunky the Superhero Elephant

February 24, 2011
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It was a normal day in the wild plains of Africa. The sun was high and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was also noon, noon was lunchtime for Trunky the elephant and his family.
“Come on herd! Come on Trunky! We have to get to the fields before the other animals take our spots!” Trunkys father, Trunkington shouted. All at once the herd came to follow Trunkington to the feeding grounds.
“Do you have the ani-money?” asked Trunkys mom, Trunkette to Trunkington. Ani-money of course being coconuts, used to buy things in the animal kingdom.
“Of course I do. Now can we hurry up?”
One by one the elephants marched to the feeding grounds, all excited to dine in the best fields in Africa. Trunky followed at the end of the line with his best friend, Boone the dragonfly.
“I can’t wait to eat I'm starving. Maybe I’ll have fresh green grass, or fresh weeds, or, maybe, fresh bugs.” Said Trunky looking at Boone for a reaction. A deep chuckle came from Trunky after seeing Boones face.
“I was kidding!” he chuckled once again.
“That’s not funny man. Now you got me tweaked, what if someone really tries to eat me?” Boone asked, completely serious.
“No one’s gonna-“
“Not worth the risk! I’ll see you later Trunks.” Boone smiled, and then flew off. By the time the elephants got to the field, they were starving. Trunkington, Trunkette, and Trunky all went up to the Monkey who owned the field.
“I have 25 elephants here to dine at your best field” Trunkington said, “How much ani-money will that be?”
“25 elephants you say? Well that’s a lot of grass. How about 100 ani-money and 5 bananas and you can have the whole field for an hour?” Asked the monkey in a monotone, the kind of monotone that shows how much he despises his job. Before Trunkington could reply, something came out of the bushes sprinting. All the time the elephants were walking, the poacher, Gannon, had been following.
“Everybody! RUN!” Trunkington roared. And the elephants were off, sprinting in different directions trying to get away from the evil poacher. All the animals knew about Gannon, the 6’2 infamous animal hunter with short, greasy black hair and a mustache that hung from his face like a waterfall. The hunt lasted around 4 minutes, and as far as Trunky knew, everyone has escaped the shooting death that came with Gannon. Soon, Trunky and the other elephants were reunited and happy that they all had gotten away. That is until Trunky realized he was missing both his parents. The other elephants searched for the missing leaders and eventually found them, Trunkington was fatally wounded and Trunkette, dead next to him.
“Dad no!” cried Trunky, tears running down his long, powerful trunk, “We’re gonna find you help dad I promise!”
“Trunky stop and listen to me.” Whispered Trunkington, “I want you to avenge me, son. Gannon cannot keep doing this to our fellow animals and get away with it. I want you to visit the magic penguin; he will give you the tools to defeat him. I love you.” And with that, Trunkington died, vanishing from the world in all but a few minutes.
“I will avenge you dad, I promise. I will not let Gannon get away with this!” Trunky screamed to the winds. Now determined to find the magic penguin and destroy Gannon, Trunky left the other grieving elephants and sought to find Boone, he could not do this alone. Trunky found Boone hovering over the lake at his home, Elephant Central.
“Boone get over here!” Trunky shouted.
“I heard about what happened my friend, I'm so sorry. If there’s anything I can do to help?”
“There is. I want you to accompany me to the magic penguin, and together we will avenge my fathers death.”
“Anything for you Trunky, when will we go?” Boone asked, excitement rising in his voice.
“We leave now.” And with that, Boone and Trunky leave to find the magic penguin, and once in for all destroy the evil poacher that killed Trunkys father.
To be continued…

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