Hope That this Dream's Dram Never Really Does Come True

February 13, 2011
By love2write10 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
love2write10 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
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One morning the only things in sight for the gods on Mount Olympus were icicles, icicles, and even more icicles. On this frosty morning a young goddess, Dream, was craving adventure, She was a very determined young goddess, daughter of the almighty Sleep God and Life God. After being warned several times not to go too close to the edge of the mountain because she could slip off, she made her way up to the icy land that covered the mountain. Dream decided to disobey her mother and skated around in circles, only two inches away from the edge of the mountain. We all know it is not a good idea to disobey any god or goddess. Dream had not understood that yet; after all, she was only four days old. So there went Dream, skating on the little patches of ice that covered Olympus’ grounds. “Oh no, oh no,” cried Dream, as she suddenly lost her balance and flew off Olympus.
Back at home, her parents, Sleep and Life, were wondering where their little girl was; they had her hot cocoa ready and did not want it to get cold. They had never been disobeyed before and never expected to be disobeyed, especially by their own daughter. When day turned to night and night turned to dawn, there was still no Dream in sight. After a restless day of worrying because they had not heard anything about Dream, they decided to go searching by the edges of Olympus. Life ran forward and she found an item of clothing; in her hands lay Dream’s very own scarf, sewn by Athena herself. Sleep came over to Life; they knew that things were not looking good for their hope of finding their daughter. “Do not loose sleep over this, Life. It was pour daughter’s own choice to disobey us, so so be it,” explained Sleep to the confused and sad Life. “I-I just can’t believe that our own Dream took away her lifelike this so quickly,” cried Sleep, while whipping her tears off her face with Dream’s scarf. “It is her fault and for that we shall not retrieve her. We need to teach the people of Olympus a lesson; if you disobey Sleep or Life, you will be punished for thirst of eternity, as even our own daughter was.” Sleep and Life turned back home, ready to show Olympus that they would not back down on their promise and would not be disobeyed, even if it meant losing their own daughter.

Everybody gets punished for disobeying gods and goddesses, even the gods’ daughters. Because Dream was a young goddess, she was immortal, and therefore could not die. She was sent to the underworld to work for Hades. Dream had to monitor the dreams of human beings and other gods and goddesses to make sure there was nothing that went against the laws of the gods in their dreams. Dream had a special power; with her pillow she could go inside anybody’s dream at any time of the nigh. One day while going inside a little god’s dream, Dream realized that the god was sleeping in Dream’s old crib. “No, no, it mustn’t be my-my-my parents had another child! What backstabbers!” After pulling up the information on this little god, she realized that he had five other siblings, two brothers and three sisters; While Dream studied their profiles, her eyes turned red with envy. “Why should these little gods and goddesses be able to live and not me?’ cried Dream.
Back on Olympus, a little god, cloud, who was only three years old, woke up with a splitting headache “Mommy, mommy, my head it it feels like someone is inside of me.”

“Poor baby, let me get you the best doctor in the planet,” comforted Life. Cloud was the son of the goddess Life and the mortal, Sky. After being seen by the best doctors on the planet, everyone told little Cloud the same thing, “Don’t worry, you seem to have a migraine; with a good night’s sleep you will feel much better.” However, lying in his crib for hours trying to fall asleep Cloud knew there was something really wrong.

Back in the underworld, Hades went into Dream’s headquarters to see what she was up to. “What’s this?” questioned Hades. Dream was not at her usual desk and on the table was a piece of paper labeled, How to Get back at my Family. Step 1: Go inside Cloud’s dreams and live the life I’ve always wanted to live after killing him with a horrible headache. Hades was surprised; he knew Dream was a jealous goddess, but never thought she would take it this far. He contacted Sleep immediately and Sleep went into Cloud’s room to see how he was doing.

Cloud lay crying in his crib. After being rocked by his mother, sleep believed Hades and needed to figure out a plan. Before Sleep could generate and good ideas, Dream pooped out of Cloud’s head and lay right next to cloud so Sleep would not notice. Sleep was then in the kitchen drinking coffee so she would not fall asleep. Dream quietly turned Cloud into a ball of smoke and blew him over to the fireplace and out of the chimney. This is how clouds came to be, ever since Cloud came out of the chimney, several clouds kept emerging from him and are still emerging today. “AHHHHH” yelled Sleep as she went back into Cloud’s room to talk to Cloud. “What’s the matter honey?” screamed Sky, as he ran to her assistance. “T-hi-thi0this is Dream, my daughter who was sent into the underworld for disobeying her father and me.” “Ha Ha Ha Ha” laughed Dream. “You always knew I was a determined young girl, mother!”

“Dream, how much I’ve missed you, but Cloud, he does not deserve to be sent away because of your jealousy and selfishness. “But mother, I was your first, your only, your perfect little daughter. How about I make a deal with you? If you bring me back to earth I will bring Cloud down from the sky for part of the day and we will live happily as a family. He can remain with you at night while I return to the underworld to carry out my duties. This way Hades will remain happy and we can still live as a happy family!”

“Oh, what a clever idea! As long as you bring back Cloud for most of the day.”

“I promise Mother; after all, I know never to disobey you again, what has father been up to, Mother?”

“Oh, your father…I left him shortly after your disappearance. He believed that you deserved your punishment and did not understand my sadness.” After catching up on missed days Sky, Cloud, Life, Dream, and the four other children sat around the dinner table as a happy family.

Hades crept into Dream’s headquarters during their dinner to look at her plan list. Step 2: Kill family and force mother to live with father and me as a happy family of three…go into other family members’ dreams and make them die.

After all. “Dreams do really come true!”

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