February 10, 2011
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He let out a deep, menacing laugh, coated with such evil that Joseph felt as if he was already being savagely maimed, as if his blood was prematurely splattering against the hard, damp floor tiles.
The moans of the other prisoners were lost to the ever-deafening sounds of the torturous saw blades, red with Death and bloodlust. Joseph knew, however horrifying it may be, that he was next, next to plead to Death to wrap it's clutches around his ravaged body, so that he would not have to experience the pain-driven insanity brought on by the cannibalistic dismemberment of his own being at the hands of his captors.
The satanic cannibals that were operating the blood-red blades eagerly stepped forward, claiming yet another broken soul that had proven unable to strike a deal with Death for their machines. Not once did the prisoner's mind falter from the deadly lotus blade, even as his eyes were confiscated from him in such a insidious manner that even Death averted its gaze. Even his screams of anguish and terror did not prevent his conscience from escaping him. The entire time, his focus was not averted from the deadly lotus that was ravenously shredding his frail body, one cry of agony at a time. However, he was already long-since forgotten, for every feeble prisoner that was writhing in that chamber was fixated on Death, which no sane man would lay claims to.
Joseph watched as the final mortal life that lay between him and Death was carried away, to be forever tormented and tortured, never to die. With another shriek of pure horror and excruciating pain, one of the cannibals stepped forward, a look of eagerness clearly visible on his deformed face, covered in blood and sweat, and clasped it’s bloodstained hands around him. As Death approached, Joseph desperately gathered the dormant memories of his old life that lay under a thick layer of despair. Memories of happiness. Looking upon Joseph, Death felt those memories of bliss he had summoned emanating from Joseph's very being. Death let out a deep, menacing laugh, and threw itself onto him, stealing away the good memories, and replacing them with nothing.

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