The age of awakening

February 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Cool moonlight,from the full moon, filtered in from the small dirty window above, quiet seemed to surround the room like a blanket,even though outside the city's muffled melody's played.Rayne forced his eyes slowly open,It felt like they had been closed for a hundred years,maybe they had. His clothes were simple,plain, white,and in of the trend of the 1990's; he wore no other adornments other then a simple silver cross around his neck. Rayne touched his head then pushed his light blond hair from his eyes,which were a crystal blue.Besides his clothing and the dust that had collected on his person he practically seemed ageless.Rayne carefully picked himself up, stretched, and mechanically dusted himself off.The dust fell around him like a miniature snow storm, For it was now presently mid-winter.His eyes now wandered around the room,he thought that he had caught sight of some odd movement, but nothing there was of interest, only jumbled antiques,cobwebs,and dust, lots of dust. He started to walk toward the lonely window,for it was the only one,he wanted to see the outside world,he wanted to see what changes had taken place while he had slept in hibernation,but there was nothing to see, even with a chair to stand on, all he could see was the shuffling of feet and the latest fashions in footwear. He sighed, and then began to step down off the chair,but he misjudged the distance and/or lost his balance and ended up tumbling down instead, with a great volley of sneezes. As soon as his sneezes past he began to hear shuffling and muffled giggles.He frowned and turned toward the sound his ears pricking up in alert,"who goes there?" he asks his voice echoing through the cluttered room, he tilts his head up and sniffs the air only to be rewarded by another volley of sneezes and another fit of muffled giggles, which he couldn't trace for he was to busy sneezing. Once the dust settles he,by chance, sees a box, not to far from his position, move, ever so slightly. He grins, then shuffles at an angle toward the movement,toward the would be attacker,then pounces,"AHH!" a female yell is heard, and afterwords bell like laughter. "I see that you're awake wolf-boy" she says sticking a finger in his ribs."hmmm" he says with a smirk,running his finger through the tips of her long honey colored hair.Her emerald green eyes sparkled with mischief and laughter."Are you ready to explore this times age of awakening,Shena?"he finally says gesturing toward the grimy window, and then looking back at her. "Yes" she says a twinkle in her eye "Let us see was has become of our world,in this new one".Rayne gets up and offers shena a hand which she willingly accepts,his grip is strong, her weight, slight. They take one more look around their makeshift den,to gather there thoughts and wits before journeying into the bright world above, the world of light, the world of awakening.

The author's comments:
This piece has been revised several times and was inspired by moonlight and dust

It's sort of incomplete or feels that way to me, if I had more time this would be the first chapter of a book

If it does get publish ( which I'm dubious of) I'd like it to be under my pen name Silver Light or Silver steps

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This article has 3 comments.

on Feb. 21 2011 at 4:11 am
Raven_Mi BRONZE,
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Favorite Quote:
K.I.S.S.- Keep. It. Simple. Stupid

it does need alot more to make better sense, i dont fully understand wots going on but i reallt like it and cant w8 2 read more.

on Feb. 17 2011 at 9:55 am
Silverlight BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Does the walker choose the path or does the path choose the walker?" - someone

thanks, I'm thinking of continuing this story and making this the intro

Shadow King said...
on Feb. 16 2011 at 8:47 pm
I read it, that was interesting. You're right though it does seem incomplete. Not much that can be done about that though, well good job!

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