The future in my imagination

January 29, 2011
A quick run down of world history as it pertains to this story. In the year 2150, rebellions began in several European nations. France was first to fall and the rebels took on the name “The Carpathians”, named after the mountain range in Eastern Europe, the boundary set by the new government to expand their boarders. At this time, the United States was shut completely off from the world. Starting in 2030, after the worst depression in its history, the government built an enormous concrete wall around the borders to keep people from leaving or entering, thereby forcing people to buy American made products. The government was soon taken over by a communist leader. Circa 2055, “freedom fighters” sprang up in riots all over the nation. Proclaiming “We shall be free!” they waged war on the United States, and after twelve years of fighting, the United States lost all of its land west of the Mississippi river. With Denver as the capital of the newly formed Western American Powers, they tore down the walls surrounding them. After the Carpathians had taken All of Europe, they invaded the Americas. All of South America was occupied; the Latin countries in North America were taken. Then East and West Canadia (formerly Canada) were wiped completely off the map. After several horrible and bloody battles, the Western American Powers crumbled. The United States was the only country strong enough to stay in control. Several nuclear war heads later, the United States was gone and Carpathia controlled the entire western hemisphere and Europe. An agency was created by rebels in Smokey Mountain territory (formerly Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia) to overthrow the Carpathian government in North America. The “N.A.F.F.”, or New Age Freedom Fighters , in this story were sent to assassinate an important political advisor to Vladimir Everdeen (The Carpathian dictator).

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