Friendly ghost

January 18, 2011
By weepingwillowfaire GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
weepingwillowfaire GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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This story is about a couple who takes a short journey away from home. Now on with their story, the couple has been walking for hours without food and water. They walk in to a dark green forest with lots of trees. Upon the hour they came across a beautiful house with beautiful flowers around it all in bloom. But as the couple look around they see that those are the only flowers around that are in bloom. As the couple walks closer to this nice house the door opens and out comes an old couple holding hands.

The old couple looks at the younger couple and says: “Why don’t you come in, you look tired and very hungry.”

So the young couple looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They welcomed the warm greeting the older couple gave them and a good sign. They slept and ate at the house with the older couple in till they got their strength back. As the next day rolled around it became their last day the old couple’s house. They ate their last meal at the old couple’s house in the morning.

As they walked out the door the young couple turned around and said: “thank you for letting us stay in your home. Do you know when the next town our city is?”

The old couple replays: “The next city is a few miles north of here. But it shouldn’t take you long to get there. It is sad for us to say good bye but it is time for you to leave. We hope you guys have a safe trip on your way there. Here is some food and some water to take on your way just in case.” They said with a smile at the end.

“Thank you for the directions and for the food and water. We hope you have a wonderful full filling life.”

“Yes we did thanks to you. We wish the same for you as well” as the old couple said that the young couple turned and went on their way.

As the young couple reaches their destination they take a sigh in relief of how far they have made it. The couple tells there tell to the towns people the next day of how they survived it all. As the day moves someone says in an old tavern: “The house where you were treated has been deserted for decades. But the old couple, that use to live there had died of old age they were the longest living people we knew they lived to be 100 years old, we thought maybe older but they seemed to look 100 to us.”

As the young couple heard this they say: “No! That can’t be we saw them and felt them” So to show proof they gathered some people, and walked to house and there it was standing smelling of baked goods of all types of sort. Everyone looked in shock to see the house standing still and with the old couple on the front porch. The old couple stood up and said: “thank you we have now finished what we have been longing to do to finally pass on. Thank you.” As they said this the house and the couple started to disappear

As the people and the young couple walk back to the town. They have never believed in ghost only because they were taught ghosts were always evil no matter what. The young couple wondered the old couple was ghosts so they must’ve stayed because they had work that had to be done they felt they were not done yet with their life even though they were dead, they still had one good deed left that they had to get done and now that it was the old couple disappeared they were finally done and happy with the full filling life they had accomplished.

The author's comments:
This took time and I had to polish it a lot it was a story I did in school suppose to be a scary story but turned it around to my liking. I hoped you had fun reading it. :)

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