January 18, 2011
By Anonymous

She’s deep in thought as she looks out the window. She sits there pondering old times, people and life. Every thought and memory turns into a fantasy world in her head. The morning sun glares over the tops of the mountains giving birth to all nature throughout the small town.

“Good morning Bedrock. Today we’ll have cloud coverage for most of the day with a slight fog that will be rolling in sometime in the afternoon. It will be a bit nippy out this morning for you early birds. I’ll be here all day with your news, music and weather on The Duke. So you better not touch that dial”, blares the radio as the radio host starts his show.

The scent of coffee drifts into the room bringing a smile to Emily’s smooth, vibrant face as she slowly wakes up. Grabbing a robe, Emily walks in the kitchen down the hall to see Kev standing there, her husband on the terrace. She grabs Kev’s coffee mug and prepares a lunch. Kev puts on his shoes and bids a farewell to Emily as he takes off for work. As the door slowly creaks shut, Emily starts to plan for her day.

Walking out of the bathroom, still breathing in the morning air, Emily’s face drops. She stands in the hall staring like a dear caught in headlights. The door is flung wide-open letting in a cold wind that brought shivers down Emily’s spine. With a small shutter, she moves towards the door.

“Helllooo!” Emily screams outside thinking someone was there. But all she got was the return of an echo. Creeped out, Emily grabs a coat and went out to investigate. She sticks her face through the door turning right and analysing the landscape looking for something unusual. “Nothing”, Emily whispers to herself. She turns to the left and starts to look for anything unusual. “Ahh!” Emily runs back into the house.

Why is there a long knife stuck deep into the bark of the tree? Is someone trying to send me a message? What do I do? Do I take my chances and leave?

The clouds made everything turn dark outside. The small cloud coverage was going into a fierce storm, coming closer, nearly above the house.

Emily runs around closing and locking all the windows and doors hoping, who ever is here, didn’t already get inside the house. The lights started to flicker making her panic more and more.

While closing up everything in her own room she sees the phone and grabs it in a heartbeat. She tries dialing for help but her shaky hands make it hard for her to punch in the right numbers. After a few retries she finally is able to dial Kev’s number. She puts the phone close to her ear thinking of what to say when he answers. But instead of hearing a dial tone, she hears a continuous beeping. The power went out through out the whole house. Emily stood there in the cold dark room, not knowing what to do.

With just one blow to the head, Emily falls to the ground and is out cold.

Part 2

Ahh. What happened to me? Why do I feel a pulse in my brain? Who would hit me and tie me up? This room looks so similar, like I’ve seen it before, but where?
Emily sat in the small, 4 by 6, room. A small wooden stack with no electricity and the only light coming in was the dim light seeping in through a crack between two boards that weren’t placed close enough to each other. Her eyes scanned the room very carefully, looking for a way out. Her vision was blurry due to all the dust in the air. Emily couldn’t move from the chair she was sitting on. Her hands were tied together behind her back and her legs were tied to the chairs’ legs, making her immobile. The most movement she could do was wiggle around, but that wasn’t going to help anyone. All she could do is wait for the person who put her down there, to come back.
“First lets check and make sure you didn’t kill her because you hit her pretty hard over the head. Then we’ll figure out what we can do”
Emily heard the man talking to his partner and unlocking the door. Emily’s heart sinks deeper and deeper with every “click” the key makes. The door creaks slowly open and Emily eagerly looks for the person who would hurt her. A short man walks though the door.
“Finally you’re up, I thought coming here was going to be a waste”
“What do you want from me? I haven’t done anything to you or your friend. “ Emily screamed at the tiny man
In an instance, the man’s hand fly across the air. Landing on Emily’s smooth, soft face, leaving her cheeks pulsing.
“First off, you never yell at me. Second off, you should only talk when answering my questions. If you’re not answering my questions, shut it. Hey Frank the b**** is still alive”
A tear went down Emily’s face as she looked up and sat there, pale and lifeless. The door flung up reviling an axe in one of the partners’ hands.
“It’s such a beautiful day,” the man said circling the room looking for a place to rest the axe. He finally just hung it on the wall.

Emily’s heart started beating faster and faster. She had no idea what to expect from the two men. The wind howled outside the shack and the sun started to fall behind the mountains. Leaving the small town in the dark.

“Lets get the rest of the stuff from the truck and we’ll be back”, Frank said to his partner.

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