The Visitors

January 14, 2011
By alec mortensen SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
alec mortensen SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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December 21, 2012:
Their ship was massive. I could tell that it had been scrutinized from every angle to achieve perfection. They came down from the sky like a slowly falling Frisbee. With a thud the ship landed on the Earth. As they exited the ship you could see a look of astuteness about them. Their keen gaze was piercing. The first meetings started out amicably. They were not the nefarious beings bent on destruction that popular culture made them out to be. They advocated for peace and union between our worlds. They brought with them gifts and technology that we did not know, but that was not all they brought. Some of our people had been struck by a serious malady. Vexatious spots covered their bodies while slowly they began to gain chest pains. This new disease stumped even the greatest doctors. They spent billions trying to find a cure, but all of their attempts were ineffectual. We became desperate.
We began to solicit help from the visitors. Their advanced technology would help us to find a cure. We found that they were loath to help us. Their gifts were a disguise for their true purpose. Death. Their kindness was a cover. Their plan from the beginning was our destruction. There was nothing we could do to stop it.

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