Drool Tells The Future

January 8, 2011
By theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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"So when you multiply the square root of ten by the sqare root of twenty, you
"The sqaure root of twenty times ten." Everyone said at the same time. But
not me.
"Twenty times ten equals..."
"And then all you have to do is calculate the square root of two hundred.
Suddenly, a giant drill looking contraption came out of the linolium floor
and broke through my desk. I staggered back in my chair and got up. There was
a chorus of screams. The loudest coming from our football star. I jumped back as
the thing launched itself at me. I jumped onto the counter of the room that held
the math books and the thing went through the counter breaking it and going
back into the floor. Everyone starred at me with shocked eyes.
"Everyone get on a solid surface!" I yelled at them and they started
scrambling. Including the teacher.
I jogged toward the door and looked out the window. No one in the hall.
That was good. As long as no one was in the hall, everyone was safe. The guys
after me wouldn't be so stupid to leave one room unchecked. That's why they
sent that drill. They knew where I was now. I tried the door knob. but it wouldn't
turn, it was locked.
I cursed under my breath. I turned to see everyone on the concrete
counter shaking. "Everyone stay there no matter what happens." I say. "Got it?" I
They all nod jerkily. I nod to myself and look out the door again. Here they
come. I took out my gun that was hidden by my skirt in my tights and hide
behind the wall that was by the door. Someone breaks it and I start shooting at
them. I dodge their punches as they dodge my bullets. I start panting and my
heart stops. They had brought Brian. He disarmed me and then shoved me into
the wall by my neck. He lifted me up and I gasped for air.
"You've been running for far too long." He said in his deep voice. He was
dark looking and handsome but he was pure evil. I clawed at his hand. I kicked
him and flipped backward landing on my feet with one leg bent out all the way
and one hand on the floor with my other foot bent and my other hand stretched
out with the leg.
I run toward Brian and we start fist fighting. I punch but miss, he punches
but I duck. I trip him and he lands on his hands and then on his feet giving me a
round house kick to the chest. I stagger backward and he rushes me into the
wall. I kick him using the counter as leverage. He staggers then starts running
again with a knife in his hand. This was the end... I squeeze my eyes shut.
"Oof!" I hear. I open my eyes to see that the foot ball star has tackled Brian.
Cr*p. This was dangerous. Than I see Jason jump off the couter and start
punching the other guys.
"I told you to stay on the counter!" I yell at him. One of the guys sent him
flying over the counter. I run to Brian who is beating the cr*p out of the football
star and push the bruised guy toward Jason who is getting up and trying to
Oh not now. This was the time he wanted to become the hero.
"Carter!" I heard the frantic yell just a fraction of a second too late. The
knife entered my chest. It was just a centimeter off though.
I grabbed Brian's wrist, freeing the knife from it and twisting it down. I do
that as hard as I can but then he trips me. I pull the knife from my chest and see
red dripping from it. The hole in my chest closes and everyone gasps. I look at
them and shrug with a cheap smile.
I elbow Brian in the gut as I get up and flip trying to stab him in the heart.
He stops me with an iron grip and throws me into the wall. "What the h*** was
that?" Jason asks by my side again.
"Don't you ever go away?" I ask.
"Answer me d***it!" He yells. Before I could Brian came at us again with
the knife I dropped. I lean backward as the knife misses my head, but cuts part of
my hair. Jason is beside me with wide eyes. I bend back up and start punching
him in the gut.
"Why the h*** won't you let me fight?" He says fighting some of the other
"Cause if you die I will never forgive myself!" I say. Brian aimed the knife for
my heart again but I grabbed his wrist and we stood there pushing on eachother
with same amount of strength that niether of us moved or either one of us was
to take the advantage.
So we stood there. It must've looked kind of stupid because both of us
were grimacing and kind of shaking.
"CARTER!" Jason yelled frantically. Fortunately Brian looked back to assess
whatever damage was caused so it gave me the advatage. I high kicked him in
the face and he staggered back. I backed against the wall to see one of the giant
counters of the classroom forced from the wall and flying toward me at
incredible speed. Somehow everything went slow-mo. It was weird. Everything
was moving at the right speed in my brain however everything else physical was
not. My arms we flying up to my vital organs so that they could be protected and
My body was going down while my hair was flying through the air as I went.
"Carter?" Jason said. He was floating in mid air toward me as if he were
jumping to save me. But he seemed as puzzled as I was.
"Carter?" He kept on saying my name for some reason. And slowly as if
he were questioning me. But I didn't answer though. I just starred at him.
"Carter!" Everything went blank and suddenly my teacher was standing
in front of my desk glaring at me. "Sleep at home Carter!" She said then
smacked my desk with a ruler and I jumped.
Everyone laughed and I smiled around embarresed. Some of the students
here even patted my back. So we got back to math.
After a few more boring minutes, there was a knock on the door. All my
classmates looked who it was. However I didn't. That type of thing just didn't
appeal to my attention...
"Class we have a new student joining us today." I doodled on the piece of
paper that I was supposed to be taking notes on. "Why don't you introduce
yourself to the class?"
"My name is Brian." My head snapped up in confusion. And there he was.
Handsome in that darkish kind of way.
"Why don't you go sit by Carter? Our star, student." The teacher said
sarcastically. While the students laughed I said, "Oh s***."

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