Transylvania High

January 7, 2011
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Transylvania High is where it all begins, but the worst of it has yet to come. Troy Simon is the all around guy, guys want to be him, and girls want to be with him. But, in our world we have to pick wisely, if not you might not wake up the next day . Darnell Lewis is his side-kick. Darell Conley hang out with them, because everybody else is intimidated by him. But, the last person they need on their case is approaching them.
In the lunchroom we have our cliques. But when Diamond Long approaches them she looks like she's about to rip their heads off. She begins to speak, and they jump. She ask them "why are ya'll so scary?" They say, "because we thought you were going to hurt us." Diamond sits on Troy's lap with a smile on her face. It gives her pleasure to see how scared they are of her. Catelyn comes up behind her and gives Darell a kiss. This heats Diamond up. She pounces on Catelyn breaking her neck. She's satisfied only for a little while until Catelyn hooks back up , and pulls herself off the floor. She gives Diamond the evil eye. Darnell is just sitting back laughing , but as he is not paying attention Diamond slaps him across his face leaving a purple bruise. His laughter quickly becomes silent sobs. He grips his face looks Diamond dead in the eyes and tells her,"I'm sorry MISTRESS." Diamond shoots him a cold look. She looks back at Troy who thinks she doesn't have eyes behind her head. She caresses his face, he plays along, and holds her waist. She moves closer to his face. He goes to low, and touches her a**. She looks up quickly and slaps him. She runs off. But she won't be alone for long.
Troy comes in the hallway, he looks her deep in her eyes and says, "I'm so sorry I got caught up in the moment." Diamond loves that he apologizes, she says, "Your apology is accepted, but don't let it happen again!" She grips him by his face, and says " I will always love you, but don't test me." He shows her his fangs as if that will scare her, and post her against the wall. She trys to break free, but her strength is nothing compared to his. He tells her "Remember who your messing with, I run you!" At this she's burnt up, she wants to rip him into shreds. She knees him in his nuts and looks down on him, and says, " I run you and don't you forget it!" She walks back into the lunchroom burning up, everyone gets out of her way. She calls Darnell, but Lauren answers which really p***es her off. She runs up to Lauren alarming her. She says "Did I say Lauren or Darnell," her voice echoes. Lauren looking frightened says " Darnell." Diamond much taller than Lauren towers, and she looks down on Lauren and says, " Then don't answer for him, and next time you do I will personally make sure you never do again." She walks away and approaches Darnell and Darell in the the back of her mind she feels sorry for Troy because he felt her raft. She tells them go check on their friend he may be broken now.
By this time, it's time to go upstairs, and resume classes. Diamond ditches to clear her mind she will go after school to see what she missed. She goes to history thinking she will be able to think but Mr. Davo is talking the whole time which really drives her up the wall. She's constantly looking at the clock she can't wait to get out this man class. The end of the day finally comes, but the drama is awaiting Diamond downstairs. Troy is waiting for her on his knees ready to beg for her forgiveness. Diamond looks at him with amusement, she sees his eyes glistening, and she develops a weak spot for him. He says, " Please forgive me I will never do it again." This brings a grin upon her face she sees that he is regretting what has done, and is ready to give him his punishment. He saw the smirk on her face and knew he was in for a long ride.
Darnell walks outside with Lauren, she immediately spots Diamond. She trys to run up on her, but Diamond senses her and dodges her. Lauren goes flying of the deck, and lands on her arm which cracks. Diamond is in laughter along with everybody else who saw this scene. Lauren looks up and gives Diamond the evil eye. Diamond being such a nice person goes to Lauren and says, " This should show you to never try and attack me from the back it will only bring YOU pain." Diamond kicks her in her side and spits on her and says, " Your scum you will never make it in this school, not as long as I'm here." She walks away making sure she leaves Lauren in tears, but this is not the last encounter she will have with Lauren.
Darell runs and catches up with Diamond. She's startled by his presence. She asks " What do you want?" He pulls her so he can get her immediate attention which definitely works. He says, " What did you do that to Lauren for?" "She deserved it she wouldn't have learned her lesson if I hadn't," she says. He knew this was going to be her answer. Diamond is a cold-hearted b****. Darell walks away in silence he doesn't want to make a scene they're in front of too many people. Diamond goes home, but she isn't alone. To her surprise Troy is there waiting for her. She says, " What are you doing here?" He says, " That wasn't cool what you did to Lauren." " She had to learn her lesson that messing with me is suicidal," she says. He nodes in agreement. Troy takes Diamond by the waist, and pulls her in closer to him. He says " I've been waiting to see you all day." Diamond blushes, but doesn't let the words get to her head. She caresses his face, they're looking deeply into each other's eyes. He goes in for the kiss, but she stops him and says, " Don't you dare do it." He ignores he demand, and kisses her she trys to back him off, but they go into a long passionate kiss.
Back at school Lauren has heeled, but she still wants revenge. She is so sure that everybody is on her side, but the truth will come out soon enough. Diamond is the main topic at this point of time. Alexis is deep in conversation with Lauren now. Michelle is sneaking up behind Darnell. He senses her and tells her back off. Michelle is so in over her head. She has cryed over Darnell and Troy because they didn't want her. Diamond will soon macercrate her, but she will leave to see another year. She goes and joins Lauren and Alexis conversation. They say, "It's about time we get revenge on that cold-hearted b****." The fact that Diamond has only been going there since the beginning of the school year and has already dominated the school is not right to them. They want to reclaim the throne they never had. They go to the football field, and there is Troy and Diamond kissing. They take pictures and when Diamond and Troy finally notice it's too late.
Darell is standing there staring, and Diamond sees him and he looks heartbroken. Diamond feels crushed inside. Darell storms off into the locker room, but doesn't make a big scene. Diamond rushes after him into the locker room. Diamond screams "Darell," no response. She finds him sitting on a bench his eyes glistening. Diamond goes to him and says, " I love you, but you have Catelyn in your life we can't be together." Darell looks at her stares in her eyes and says, " I love you too, but you have Troy now I was going to break up with Catelyn for you." Diamond is crushed because the one that she loves, loves her and she can't do anything about it.
Darell looks her in the eyes, and grabs her by her waist, and kisses her ever so passionately. This complicates things for the worst, because now she can't look him in the eyes without crying. Darell is the only one who has ever seen her like this and it's killing her inside.
Troy is outside gloating about how he just smashed Diamond to the fellas. Diamond comes out of the locker room looking dead feeling depressed about what just happened. Diamond listening in on the conversation she rushes over to him, and smacks him in the face. He looks at her with questioning eyes as if she did something wrong. He grabs her by her arms and shakes her. He asks, "What the hell did you do that for ?" She snatches away from him, "Because your over here bragging that we had sex." He pulls her over to the side seeing that she means business. "Babe it isn't what it seems like I was just telling the fellas how you are so terrific in bed." He has an evil smirk on his face which isn't very pleasing to Diamond. "Diamond I know how you feel about me, and it's OK your secret is safe with me and the fellas." This statement makes her flip out. She catches him off guard, and pins him on the ground. "Don't you ever think that you will control me get it right once again I control you, remember!" He looks at her, and sees the fire in her eyes and doesn't bother her with the subject anymore. She lets him get up, but he isn't surprised that he gets a slap to the head when he gets up. He turns around, "What the f*** is your problem?!" "Well, right now you are putting my business out like that. Is something wrong with you do you have a death wish?" He looks at her with curious eyes, "Is that a threat?" "Take it how you want, but just know that you tell anyone else, or they tell anyone your a** is grass." She walks off without another word thinking in the back of her mind she shouldn't have done that.
Darell goes home with Diamond on his brain, thinking of what she just told him. Thinking of what just happened. Darell has her on his mind, but doesn't want to hurt Catelyn. Darell is just sitting in his car when Troy hops in the front seat. "What the f*** do you want Troy," are the first words that come out of Darell's mouth. Troy dumbfounded by the words looks at him for a few seconds then says, "Could you give me a ride home dude?" Darell remembering what he just saw says, "Hell no get out my car!" Troy gets out of the car, but he kicks it. Surprisingly there is no dent left. Darell pulls off with a loud screech.
The action is just beginning, but there is more to come. While Darell is on his way home the one he loves is kidnapped. His father's enemies has brought harm to Diamond. He gets home and his phone starts ringing. He picks it up hoping it's Diamond. It is but not in her regular tone he can tell she has been crying. "Help Darell someone has kidnapped me and won't let me go save me please!" Darell so dumbfounded by his words starts to panic. But before he can say anything someone else grabs the phone from her. "Hello Mr. Conley we have your precious girlfriend here with us, and if you ever want to see her again you better have 50 grand for us." Darell not recognizing the voice knows that this is one of his father's enemies getting to Darell first.
He needed to get help or Diamond was going to die. He was terrified until he noticed that this was his battle to fight, and he had to fight it alone. He had to get help from somebody he could trust, and he could only think about Darnell Lewis. He would have to invite him over and tell him the what's happening and seeing if he would help him save Diamond. But, he is afraid that he won't get to her in time, but only time will tell.

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