A night to remember my gaurdian angel

January 5, 2011
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Today like any other day I got up out of my bed and got ready for another long torturous day at school...ugh...I went to the bathroom looking in the mirror, a ghostly pale girl with jet black hair and strange blue eyes like a swimming pool was reflecting out in them stared back at me . I looked over at the clock in my bathroom!!!! SHIZZLE STICKS!!!! The clock’s innocent face read 7:45 I'M LATE!!!!!....moms gonna kill me...or the principal whoever comes first...Rushing out the door I realize I forgot my backpack crap!!!...I scurried back in looking for where I had set it down. Darn where did I put it? Ahhh!!!! I ran to the kitchen coffee table to find my backpack spilled on the counter top shoot...I swiftly picked up the remains of my backpack and stuffed my school work inside...

**** three hours later****

As I walked in the cafeteria with my spider web knee highs and my black laced chocker, I saw him sitting there fury rushed through me....not this again..."Hey bat-girl"...maybe if I just ignore him he'll go away... "Midnight yo turn around" I sat still alone looking for my best friends David and Lynds I spotted them in the left hand corner of the cafeteria with a few of my other pals I rose from my seat and started walking over to them when I felt a strong hand grab my wrist. I turned around to the scum bag I had been rivals with sense third grade when he called me a gothic freak I stared into his face wondering why he was making contact with me and becoming angrier every second his pale features bleach blonde hair and gray-blue eyes smirked up at me. I prepared my combat boots to kick him in the shins if I had too. "Bat-girl, why are you running away afraid I've got some garlic?" I snatched away my hand and started walking towards my friends again I heard his buddies snigger but I didn’t bother coming up with any response I knew it bothered him more when I acted like he didn't bother me. I sat in-between David and Lynds looking over at David who smiled with his happy green eyes and flaming red hair how much I wished I could have such a carefree soul...but every time I was completely happy something sorrowful would happen to me and pull me right back into the shadows Lynds asked me with her dark chocolate eyes what was wrong? I smiled like everything in the world was peaceful and she smiled back a little weary not totally believing my lie. I turned around seeing him once again smirking at me then turning to one of his lackeys and whispering something and pointing at me...David caught my gaze and shouted over the tables "Hey Cedric go stuff it" confused by David’s sudden anger I laughed and David smiled back "Thanks I needed a laugh" he replied "anytime" with a bright smile Lynds turned around and asked me how my father was holding up...The sudden reminder removed the smile from my face and pulled me under the cloud again.."He's doing better but the doctors don't know for sure if the chemotherapy is working but with a few prayers their confident the treatments will work" I smiled my best smile and my friends both said their weekly confidence boosters to me. The truth really was that the cancer could be spreading even though the doctors are eighty percent sure it's not they can’t run tests because it's too risky and the chemotherapy is showing signs of healing and progress but there’s a chance that the progress could only last a while then decrease sharply later. "Midnight...?" David waved his hand in front of my face waking me from my trance I gave a weak smile and decided to head to the snack bar for a water bottle and maybe a cookie. A shorter guy in front of me with light brown hair light blue-ish green eyes turned around and offered me a light smile I smiled back almost tripping over my own two feet he giggled at my clumsiness then took his cookie and walked away glancing backwards at me once then turning around again the snack lady asked me what I’d like and I smiled and asked for a cookie and a water bottle. I smiled all the way back to our table embarrassed by my stumble. When I reached our table I sat down and waited for time to pass.

***five hours later***

Laying on my bed I heard the front door rush open I looked down the stairs and saw my brother Angel huffing “Hurry!” I looked down at his expression confused and then it came to me. Dad…In his car I asked what was going on Angel said “Dad…his heart beat is lowering and the doctors say it looks like there’s not that much time left…I’m sorry…” I stared at my brother in shock I wasn’t prepared for this to happen it couldn’t be true…it couldn’t be….I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them and struggled to stay strong and compose myself I prayed for a miracle, I screamed inside my head as thoughts raced through my mind, nightmares about what was happening I couldn’t believe this was happening…my life, my father’s life, my family a tear ran down my pale skin and dropped to my left knee my brother pulled into the visitors section of the hospital parking lot and I ran to the entrance door with my brother trailing behind me, we ran past nurses and doctors who yelled at us to slow down but we kept our pace I ran to the elevator and pressed the up button the doors dinged open, and we rushed in I jabbed the button with the number three by it and the elevator took what seemed to be hours slugging up to the third floor. The doors opened and I raced out passing 314, 318, 320 326 to the *ICU* doors and pressed the buzzer the doors creaked open and I raced to room 341. I sprinted in finding my mother crying I peeked around the curtain that hid my father, tears streaming down my face laying there staring up at me was my father smiling. My father whispered “hi Midnight” with the brightest of smiles I smiled the world back at him I ran next to his bed and gently hugged him “I love you daddy” suddenly becoming the seven year old bright smiling child looking up at her father like he was the only thing she wanted to love her. “I love you too sweetie”, “I want you to know that whatever happens I love you and every time you look up at the sky and see a cloud smiling at you that’s me looking down at you from heaven and I’ll always love you” I cried and said “Thank you dad but I hope I never have to look up at those clouds to see you”. He gave me a weak smile and said he loved me once more I laid on his bed next to him and cried my heart out catching up on all the tears I should have cried many times before hugging him tightly he whispered to me “you should go home honey and get some sleep for tomorrow “ I sat up and stared at him “ I want to stay dad!!!” dad smiled and replied “I know but you’ll have a long day tomorrow and you need your sleep” reluctantly I gave him one last bear hug and whispered “I love you” to him, as I left with my brother Angel my dad whispered “I love you too…Midnight”

***half an hour later***

I sat on my bed staring at the moon dreaming of everything going back to normal Angel moving back home, my father being okay my mother sleeping in her bed again. I turned away from my window and put my head in my pillow and screamed. “You know if you do that enough you’ll lose your voice” I turned around frightened by the voice and fell onto the floor with a thud. “Now if you do that again and hit your head you’ll get a concussion” I responded not so nicely to the guy standing in the shadows of my room “who the h*ll are you? How did you get in my room? Or in my house for that matter?”, “Through the front door” the boy stepped out of the shadows in the corner of my room and the moonlight showed his features. I almost screamed it was the brown haired boy from the cafeteria except dark gray wings sprouted out of his back just below his shoulder blades. The boy laughed and said “Hey my name’s Lucifer I know ironic name for an angel isn’t it?” he giggled and stared at me. Confused and tired I stared back “why are you in my house?” the boy looked puzzled for a minute like he didn’t understand why I didn’t understand then he replied “I’m your guardian angel” with a tender smile he walked toward me and my mind raced while my heart skipped a beat. Dressed in blue jeans and a plaid shirt how could this boy be an angel? And more importantly my guardian angel? “why are you here?” the boy smiled and laid on the ground beside me while his wings stroked the air, “to protect you” he said. I couldn’t help but stare at his wings they were so beautiful I wanted to touch one. Lucifer stared into my eyes and I stared into his. My heart raced. “Can I touch one of your wings?” Lucifer looked amused by my expression and said “sure but don’t pull out any feathers” he pleaded with his eyes that I didn’t pull any out. I slowly reached my hand over to his right wing and stroked it as it sifted through the air above my floor. I smiled they were so soft and fluffy, Lucifer smiled at me like I was the only person in the world. I sat there with my angel and stared at him as he stared at me. After a while Lucifer moved away and I frowned then he stood over me and picked me up off the ground, feeling his warm skin my heart burst with energy he laid me back on my bed and pulled my black comforter over me then tucked me in. Lucifer gave me a smile then laid down beside me, I fell asleep to his beautiful face.

****the next morning****

I woke up spread out on the bed I looked over to where my angel laid last night only to be disappointed finding he had gone. My mother walked into my bedroom door then over to my bed and sat next to me she smiled then one single tear slide down her pink cheek “he’s gone”. My mother hugged me and I cried in her arms. After I felt like all the water in me had gone she told me to get dressed and I could help with some arrangements. That night after many, many tears, I laid in my bed and my angel returned to me. “I’m sorry, Midnight” he said “it’s fine I’m fine” my angel sat beside me and held me in his arms I stared in his eyes and from that moment on I knew everything was going to be okay, I sat still and listened to the soft bristle of his wings caressing the air around them. In the morning we snuck outside and stared up at the sky and I saw my father wink at me. Lucifer hugged me as I smiled up at him “I love you dad”.

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hpfanatic96 said...
Jan. 21, 2012 at 9:14 pm
Lol I just re-read this...My writing was pretty bad, still is but there is some cool parts...It's funny how I just realized how much of my life is in this article...Strange lol.
giggles33361 said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 3:41 pm
This is amazing jess! as i was reading i started crying and i realized this is how u felt when ur dad died, and its not very different from how i felt when we thought my dad was going to have the emergency surgery...this helped me alot. you may not realize it but reading this made me feel 100 times better knowing that im not the only one that felt that way
hpfanatic96 replied...
Jan. 9, 2011 at 1:05 pm
lol i hoped it would make you feel better and trust me even though it doesnt feel like it million of people understand, its not my best i shouldve worked on it longer lol
giggles33361 replied...
Jan. 9, 2011 at 8:08 pm
thanks! :)
hpfanatic96 replied...
Jan. 10, 2011 at 10:43 pm
lol thank you!!
hpfanatic96 said...
Jan. 6, 2011 at 3:32 pm
" I wrote this on microsoft word so the " is really supposed to be " " marks but it must have changed when I pasted the story.
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