The Liar

December 13, 2010
By MaximumRideFangirl BRONZE, Shalimar, Florida
MaximumRideFangirl BRONZE, Shalimar, Florida
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I used to be a liar. I know liars aren’t liked very much, but I was lying to save my life.

Three years ago I went through a change. A change that altered my physical nature. I was once a mythical creature, a being only found in stories, a mermaid.

I remember my life before.

My long, magical white hair would flow around me as I swam to the shore, my stunning silver tail propelling me through the water. I surfaced near a clump of rock and waited for my tail to dry off. After it was dry, I would walk to my house and do my homework from school that day. I would then eat my dinner and go to bed. When I got up, I would get dressed and go to school then come home and take my daily swim as my part fish anatomy soaked up the water. This was my routine day after day for six years.

One day while sitting on my rock far out in the ocean, I found a beautiful pink pearl bracelet. I picked it up and put it on. In that instant my tail, which was splashing in the water, changed into a pair of legs. I immersed myself in the waves to see my tail carry me through the current, but my human legs stayed. I realized my life was changed and I was no longer a liar.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a paper for my L.A. class

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