A bad night to camp.

December 4, 2010
By tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
tylerz GOLD, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
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It looked at me!!!!! IT LOOKED AT ME!!!!!!! I can’t believe there was something on this earth that would ever look like this. I looked at Emily, whose eyes were hopeless. She told me that we would both die. I knew it. We would die a slow and painful death, because of that evil that was outside. “Please don’t go out there and fight that thing!” Emily yelled at me. There was nothing else I could do, nothing on earth that would stop that thing from breaking every bone in my body and eating me whole. But I had four shotgun shells left. Maybe, just maybe that would be enough to kill it. “I have to!” I said “What else am I supposed to do? Just sit back and wait for that god ***n thing to find its way in here and kill us both?!” I was screaming at her by this point. I was scared. I could break down and cry, say there was no hope for either of us, but Emily was there. I couldn’t let her know that I was feeling the same thing as her. I needed her to feel like there was hope still, something to hang on to at least, even if there wasn’t. I loaded the shotgun, and prepared myself. Shooting it in the chest would be the best thing to do, but I really didn’t know. I just thought if it was going to come down to it, I would shoot it anywhere and everywhere. I took a look at Emily, like it was going to be our last look. I pumped the shotgun and opened the door slowly. There was nothing out there, nothing but darkness. I knew it had to be somewhere, waiting for the right moment to strike. Just then it rounded the corner of the bus. It looked at me but didn’t move. I looked at it but didn’t move. I just stared at it. Sweat began to poor down my back. I never have seen it this close before. Every feature was there. The muscles of its body had no skin. Nothing was protecting this creature. Every muscle was present. It resembled a human, a normal human with no skin and 6 inch claws coming out of every finger. Its eyes were bloody red. Neither of us made a move. It showed me its teeth, like it was laughing at me for coming out here. Its teeth were worse than the claws, all of them razor sharp and ready to eat. It must have had a victim because blood was dripping off of them. I almost fainted but remembered I had my shotgun. I aimed and pulled the trigger, shooting a devastating blow right though its chest. Blood immediately starting flowing from its injury. It still didn’t move. It just looked at me. I loaded and took another shot right to its face. Nothing moved on him. He just smiled and pounced strait on me and bit down hard.

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