Why you don't leave your door unlocked in an Eldar craftworld

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Emorie was sweating after hours of practice. He had gone twenty rounds with the Eldars top warrior, Asurmen and still couldn’t defeat him. Though in the second round he had almost got him with a backstab 912. He scrambled up speedily to his warrior’s dorm. There he got out his special reenergize drink. The heat was unbearable in there. Well Rigs isn’t in yet. thought Emorie. He slunckered over to the krey and pulled the lever down. Immediately the air got colder, but not really cold.
Emorie crouched down to examine a weird piece of metal that had caught his eye. He picked it up, sniffed it, then dropped it and grabbed his armor and sprinted to the door. No, they couldn’t be here, he had already beaten them. Just as Emorie was going to touch the button, he was grabbed from behind. He was thrown against the wall and was beaten repeatedly by hands and bow staffs. Emorie lashed out and connected with what felt like a chest. He heard a thump and a hmph and then he was grabbed again, this time by his vest100. He was brought face to face with nemesis and least favorite Eldar being chosen by vote, Edward. Edward smiled (not in the nice way), he actually looked handsome but the smile was a bit lopsided and he was also sneering and motioned for his gang of four whose names were unknown, but were known as the Black Four. They and Edward were one step ahead than the traitor Dark Eldars. If Rigs was there and Emorie was face to face and freshened up he and Rigs could defeat them. But no, Edward and the Black Four always did sneak attacks against their victims. The Black Four went around trashing the place.
Suddenly the door slid open and in stepped the last person everyone expected, Asurmen, carrying Emorie’s belt. “ Emorie you forg-” started Asurmen, but one of the Black Four struck out so Asurmen retaliated by grabbing the foot and pulling and as the unfortunate eldar came to Asurmen, he held his fist out and…SMACK. The eldar sailed out of the far window like an arrow. Asurmen then rolled over in between two of the Black Four. He did a split tripping both of the B.F. While they tried to get up Asurmen caught one, picked him up, and threw him toward the other B.F. that also fell down. They started quarreling and then fists came and while they fought on, Asurmen advanced on the last B.F. The B.F. struck first, but was clumsily and missed wildly while Asurmen fell a blow on his head knocking him out. Then Edward struck from behind Asurmen and then Asurmen proved why he was the top Eldar warrior, by jumping backwards and as he landed he struck with his foot and Edward went flying out of the room the closing behind him. Asurmen looked around for Emorie who was tied to a chair. He went over to untie him.
“Well that was exciting,” mentioned Asurmen as he was untying Emorie.
“Maybe for you,” Emorie muttered under his breath.
“Excuse me?” asked Asurmen.
“Nothing,” remarked Emorie.
“Oh…okay.” said Asurmen.
When he was done, Emorie asked, “What to go another twenty rounds?”
“Certainly,” answered Asurmen.

Emorie was sweating after hours of practice. This time he defeated Asurmen on the thirteenth round. He had fun the whole time. Even Asurmen laughed when the partners next to them, tripped and fell in a mess that both Emorie and Asurmen had to help them with.
At the end they shook hands and then Emorie asked, “What did you do with the Black Four?”
“I dropped them off at the police station and I told them about Edward, so they looking for him,” answered Asurmen.
“Well, see you tomorrow.”

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