What Happens Afterwards

December 7, 2010
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Do you remember??? Do you?

I woke up with such a jolt that I fell out of my bed.
“Who’s there” I ask with a hint of fear in my voice. “I am informing you that I have a gun, and I will not hesitate to shoot seeing as this would qualify as breaking and entering.” I shout to the voice.
Do you remember? Remember Mr. Anderson. Remember what you did on August 13, or as you liked it as, Friday the 13th.
A man, no not a man, a transparent being, not over thirty years of age steps into my room. Bloodied, beaten, and scarred. An apparition of what was, and will always be haunting me forever.
“Let me be, beast.” I screamed at the lifeless, translucent figure. “Who are you and what do you want. Please leave me be.”
“Please? Are you asking for forgiveness from me? The one who is now dammed. Who can no longer gain passage; I am now doomed to wander for all of eternity. Who am I you ask, why don’t you remember? Or did it affect you too; are you the same as before? Did it damage you as it damaged me? Are you too doomed to never have a memory of your own? Are you all on your own in this cruel world? Are you also damned? Your family ashamed, just like Cinderella, locked up and hid away from the normal world. How does it feel, old man?
“Who are you and what are you talking about?” I started to feel weak, and dizzy with the weight of what he was saying, true or not.
“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Mr. Anderson tell me, where are you? Tell me what you do for a living? Where are your children and your wife?” asks the ghost, now looking less translucent, and more lifelike. “Ask yourself this, what could’ve made them leave, what would be so horrible that they would turn tail and abandon you? What could do that?”
“What are you talking about? My wife is right her….” I say and stop abruptly, only to find my wife is gone, and in the place where my room used to be there stands a gaping hole full of flame. The rock slowly falls down to the bottomless pit, and is slowly creeping towards me. My end is near I think and turn back to the ghost. “What is this?”
“Oh, think, this is your punishment; this is what you go through every day. Your just desserts, your sentence, which has to be served. This is eternity for you, for the crime you committed. This is a normal way of life for you.”
And with that I fell and heard a voice say Do you remember.
I woke up with such a jolt that I fell out of my bed.

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