Oh Nuts!

November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

ANNETTE: Why, oh why do I have this awful reaction to peanut butter? I absolutely love it. I need to have it! Yet, I cannot for I will break out in an irritable itching of my skin. Bumps will inconsistently consume my hands and throat. Then, I begin to turn pale. What is this that posses me?
PEANUT: Your obsession with me is going to drive you nuts! The only way I can keep you from being distorted into something you’re not, is to infect you with this constant pain. You do not realize the trouble you will get onto if you do not release this filthy obsession.
ANNETTE: Then tell me, oh Wise One. What will become of me if I do not stop?
PEANUT: Well as you have noticed, the color of your skin turns to white after consumption of this delicacy. You have managed to ignore the fact that you are beginning to fade into tan the more you choose to eat it. This indeed is the color of a peanut. If you continue to indulge in this appealing snack, you will slowly become like it.
ANNETTE: Oh dear! Oh my! How have I allowed this obvious detail slip my mind? Might I ask how you explain the precarious bumps that form on my skin?
PEANUT: Oh, yes. I assumed that after a couple times you would realize the hideous site you have become and stop your infatuation. However, you did not and I picked at random the times in which you would encounter the strange things.
ANNETTE: Well, I agree that I must not continue eating this risky meal. Although, what would it be like to be a peanut?

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