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November 26, 2010
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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It was midnight by the time we finished. Saber had rushed back into the cabin without saying anything, leaving me alone in the darkness. Slowly I walked towards the cabin. I glanced towards the woods. Startlingly, a pair of emerald green eyes were nearing me. They were only waist high, meaning they belonged to some animal. Suddenly, Rocky and Bella started growling and barking. The creature heard this, then turned and ran. Frozen to the spot, I shook like a leaf, trying too regain feeling in my legs. Then my legs seemed to be working on their own as I ran towards the cabin not looking back. When I reached the door I thrust it open, slammed it shut and locked it when I got inside.

Was it just a dog, I thought to myself. My heart felt as if it would rip out of my chest. Or maybe even jump out of my throat, or was it a Watcher? (A Watcher is a demon. Usually it had emerald green eyes, just like the thing outside. This group of creatures went after certain people who were said to be special, or as the Watchers liked to call them- special weapons. These special weapons they would use in the imminent war between humans and themselves. The special weapons were said to be wanted by Watchers to help them defeat the human kind. Watchers mainly consisted of Demons, but there were other creatures. Werewolves, Vampires and many more that the human kind think are myths and are left are to be left unsaid by Believers- which are humans that believe in the supposable mythological creatures that roam the Earth- for the safety of human kind. There were only fifty Watchers, but they bred constantly now that the war was imminently approaching.)

When I finally caught my breath I turned the light on and rushed towards my room. Closing my bedroom door I collapsed on my bed, trying to keep calm and not hyperventilate. Just as I closed my eyes the dogs started going off again. Glancing out of the window in my room, I saw the huge animal once more, running from the shadows into the woods once more, howling with rage.

I quickly ducked down and covered myself in a thick quilt. Slowly, I drifted off into an uneasy sleep dreaming of Watchers, Damien, and the war that was being prepared for right now without any knowledge from the human race except those whom had been in danger from them since birth and the Believers.

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