Immortal Blood ~part 3~

November 29, 2010
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I grip a hold of Quinn's arm to try and steady myself. Quinn's full attention was on me. He knew that something was wrong. I look up into his face and his eyebrows were knitted together.
"Ever whats wrong?" I shake my head. I couldn'y find the words. But I soon saw what was bothering me. There was a werewolf dead ahead of us. He wasn't like a normal werewolf..a born one. He was bitten. "Quinn!" It came out in a scream. Quinn was already moving infront of me. There was one thing in my life that I was scared to death of. It was the same kind of infected creature that had attacked me when I was five and Quinn saved me then as well.
"Ever it's blind it can't see us. I'm going to need you to climb on my back. We are going to have to run." I swallow hard. That was another thing that i couldn't stand. Running on a vampire. But I did as I was told. Then he was off....He came to a complete stop. I flung myself away from him and over to the side of the bed where he couldn't see me. I began trying to breathe. But sounded like hicups. Quinn comes around and bends down infront of me.
"Ever breathe everything is ok now." Quinn grabs my wrist and places my hand over his heart.
"You hear that?"

"Of course I hear it." I say between gasps.
"Ever stop it or Im going to do something to make you calm down." I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Quinn what are you-" His lips gently touched my lips.I inhale deeply and let myself fall against him...

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Amer-Nae said...
Jun. 12, 2011 at 10:44 pm
Okay well, they moved from the park to the manner where all the witches are living....and okay so Ever is this kind of key thing..The Werewolves are on the bad side in this story and they want her dead and werewolves are the only thing that scare her..out of everything...and the vampires are on the good side...switched rolls I know...But i thought tht it would be refreshing
elfen_girl said...
Dec. 17, 2010 at 2:00 pm

im a little confused

whats supposed to be going on,and wot is with the '&quot' thing.

i really like the previous thing that uve written, but this makes my head hurt.

Amer-Nae replied...
Dec. 25, 2010 at 7:08 pm
I dont really know what is with the quote thing I was wondering what that was myself. What do you need to know about what is going on?
elfen_girl replied...
Dec. 28, 2010 at 8:24 am
well location is one but what is really goining on with the werewolf and vamps, to tell the truth its all a bit confusing.
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