A Turning of Tides

November 8, 2010
By flowingwords BRONZE, Minneapolis, Illinois
flowingwords BRONZE, Minneapolis, Illinois
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The sound of clashing of swords was so great it could be heard over the thunder and pouring rain. Though if you were a vampire, hearing through rain and thunder wouldn’t be a problem for you. The grass looked almost black under the darkly clouded sky. There was not an animal in sight, they like humans sensed the danger and stayed away from that area. A woman was running up the hill towards the clearing with blood stained swords in her hands.
The woman was named Illianna, and she was the coven of the Night Stalkers princess. Her clothes were in tatters from the ambush that tried to keep her from the ongoing battle. While running up the hill towards the battle, she winced at the lingering pain in her shoulder where she was stabbed. Keep it together; I must get to my people. She thought to herself. She made it to the clearing on top of the hill and directly in front of her a battle was raging between vampires and werewolves. Why must there be so much death? She thought with sorrow as she saw all of the bodies being trampled on the ground.

Illiana was judging how she should enter the battle when she heard male laughter over the snarls and hisses. She looked for the source of the sound wondering who could be laughing at a time like this, when her eyes landed on her brother. Who was taunting his opponent as they fought. Prince Armand was known for his strange sense of humor among all immortals. Illiana rolled her eyes at the sight of her brother. At that moment an enemy soldier spotted her and attacked while she was off guard. Only Illiana’s quick reflexes kept her from getting sliced as she parried the oncoming blow. Her opponent snarled, Illiana bared her fangs and hissed back at him. They continued fighting with a series of blows as they tried to get the best of the other. Her opponent took a swing at her neck; Illiana ducked and in the same motion buried her blade in an upward motion past his rib cage and into his heart. Illiana shoved the body off her blade and went off to fight another.
Time became insignifent as the battle went on. Illiana fought one enemy after another until she lost count of how many she had killed. Everything suddenly went still as an unearthly howl sounded. Every eye couldn’t help but look towards the sky. No one had noticed that it had stopped raining and the clouds had started to thin. A full moon was peaking out from behind the thinning clouds. Illiana’s eyes snapped back down to her opponent and saw that his eyes had turned straight black and his whole body had started to shake. He was changing.
A werewolf’s transformation is never a pretty sight. It’s worse that watching a contortionist bend and twist their bodies in a bunch of freakish positions. When a werewolf is changing you can hear every single bone crack and pop as they rearrange themselves. You can see their bodies shrink in certain places and grow larger in others. The hair on their bodies thickens and grows longer as does their fangs and claws. When the process is over they are the size of mini vans and become much stronger.
Illiana stepped back as her opponent gave a howl that sounded as if it were torn from his throat. She knew better than to attack a changing wolf with her sword, because they lash out unpredictably while changing. Illiana itched for her guns so she could shoot the beast, but guns were forbidden in supernatural wars. Guns tended to attract too much attention. Illiana thought in frustration. Sudden movements around her showed that fights had started again. Only this time at a much faster pace. They all were moving at such a pace that humans wouldn’t even be able to see them.

Illiana and a pure black werewolf stood looking at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. She suddenly shifted her weight to the left and the wolf lunged. Illiana quickly spun to the right, slashing the left side of his flank as she got out of the way. As they faced each other again Illiana saw that the cut she had made had already healed. No wolf could heal that quickly unless they were an Alpha. The wolf gave her a toothily grin when he saw the realization on her face. Illiana was still processing what she was seeing when she was taken down from behind. Falling on her face she quickly rolled onto her back to see her attacker. A gray shaggy wolf lunged at her unprotected neck, and Illiana couldn’t get her blade up in time. She hated that the last thing she would see would be its fangs. The wolf’s fangs had just touched her neck as it was suddenly jerked backward. Without a thought she quickly jumped up on her feet. What she saw shook her to her core.
The Alpha wolf had the neck of the gray in his mouth. He had saved her. The Alpha tossed the other wolf away from him and growled. Immediately the gray wolf rolled onto his back in submission. Satisfied the Alpha turned his back on the gray one and looked at Illiana. They stood looking at trying to guess each other’s reaction until the Alpha broke their gaze and turned away. Illiana was looking after him in confusion when her brother came out of nowhere to attack the Alpha. Armand raised his blade to strike while the Alpha’s back was turned and was shocked to see Illiana parry his blow.

“What do you think you are doing!” yelled Armand.
“What I must brother. This wolf just saved my life.” Illiana replied.
Eyes blood red Armand hissed furiously “Step away Illiana.”
Illiana spoke directly to his mind. “What will happen if I don’t Armand? Will you kill you’re only sister.”
Armand looked as if he had been slapped. “I would never strike you sister.” He vowed. Armand lowered his sword and stepped back. Illiana bowed her head in thanks and turned back to face the Alpha. All around them the battle had stopped looking to see what the princess would do.
“My debt to you Alpha of the Silver Moon pack is paid in full. A life for a life.” Illiana spoke very formally. The Alpha shook his head vigorously in denial.
“I owe you nothing else!” Illiana said angrily. The Alpha nodded his head as if saying ‘yes you do’.
“What else do you want from me?” She asked still angry.
The Alpha just looked at her as if it should be obvious to her. Illiana lifted her sword wanting to lash out in frustration.
“What do you want!” She yelled.
“He wants what you want Princess Illiana.” Said a voice from behind Illiana.
Illiana whipped her head around to see who was talking. There she was, the woman who this war was all about. Elsmera the most powerful seer in history. Both sides wanted her for their own gain, and no one would give her up. Illiana disliked her form the pain the woman had caused by not picking a side.
“I have come to a conclusion.” Elsmera announced. “I will serve both sides.”
“Never!” growled Armand.
“It is my choice to make and I have made it. The fighting must stop now.” She stated simply.
Illiana looked at the Alpha and he nodded. “I agree!” She shouted.
“Illiana…Why?” Armand asked confused.
“Look around you brother. Do you not see all of the dead bodies? There has been enough death here.” Said Illiana.
“If you think that I am going to share with these filthy beast you are mistaken Sister!” Armand said with scorn.
Illiana looked at her brother darkly. “You speak as if you have a choice brother, you forget your place.”
Not a breath could be heard after that last statement form the princess. They all waited to see what would happen next. Armand’s eyes were red again in anger.
“If you think you can hold this court without me you’re wrong. These people are loyal to me as well Illiana.” He said.
“Are you making threat towards your future Queen?” Illiana asked quietly.
“You’re the one who will tear our coven apart over mere animals.” He said with a shrug. There were snarls from the wolves at that comment.
“Leave now Armand.” Illiana commanded.
“Wh…What.” Armand stuttered.
“I will not tolerate insubornation form anyone. Not even you. You are no longer apart of the council henceforth.” Illiana turned her back on him and faced the seer. “I agree with your terms Elsmera.”
“And what of you Alpha?” Asked Elsmera. The Alpha nodded his head again and howled. His people echoed him.
“Then it is settled.” Said Elsmera as she grabbed Illiana’s hand and placed her other hand on the Alpha’s head. “Let this be the beginning of a peaceful union between vampires and werewolves!” She declared.
Illiana looked away from the Alpha as she heard her brother walk away. “You will regret this Illiana.” Armand spoke to her mind. “I already do brother. I know you will fight me.” She spoke back to his mind. As he continued walking away Illiana knew that another war would be right around the corner.

The End

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a contest and I just wanted to see what people thought about it.

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