Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.7 Prt.2

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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"Wow! That's really cool. You finally learned. I told you you could do it if you tried." Jesse commented, not even asking me how I could do it.
"Yeah, it comes in handy. Jesse, what did you think that was? I'm just getting my memories back so I'm not sure if that's normal or if I've heard of it." He was trying to look on the bright side of things, my Dragon was sensing it, but I couldn't let him get off track. That was just a bit to weird for the old me.
"It's definietly not normal to me and I've never heard of anything like it. I hope your parents know something. I wont know what to think if they don't. You might wan't to clean your face first Babe. Your mascara ran.", he explained, kindly.
"Oh." Raksha reminded me, somehow without talking, that Uncle Raz had said dragons could take others forms if they touch them first. I thought, If I was in that body I should be able to take that form now. I tried making myself look exactly like I had in the mirror in my suite, then said, "Sorry, is it gone now?"
Judging by Jesse's look of bewilderment, I had done it and I had done it easily! "What?.... How'd you do that?" I tasted his emotions, like inching my way into a freezing cold lake. Colder than I had ever felt. They weren't as strong as they would be if I was in my Dragon form, but they were still clear. They read: Suprise. A lot of suprise. A lot of a lot of suprise. Wonder. Amazment. Curiosity. Effection.
Thrill at what we had just done and down, underneath the new emotions, was a substantial amount of love. He loved me so much! Well at least he loved Raksha.. There was comfort at holding her. When he had hugged me, he had smelled my hair and reassurance of my new prescence had made him forget the most of the last two years of an abandoned feeling.
Raksha stirred inside me and I tried to get her to communicate but, even though I knew she was there, she wouldn't talk to me. Now I was the one feeling abandoned. What did I do? Well, whatever it was that I had done she was going to have to get over it cause I needed her. Badly.
I didn't wan't to lie to him, but I couldn't tell him. He trusted Raksha with his life and we couldn't share our deepest secret with him. "I'll try and explain later. I'm sorry, but right now I'm not sure the parents would want you to know. I want to tell you, I do, but it's a life and death situation." I added, feeling and seeing his hurt.
I felt guilty and so did Raksha, but she wouldn't rise to the surface to help. There was a thin wall of ice between us at the moment and she wasn't going to break through for me. This was so unfair. How come I had to clean up her dirty work? In a way it was mine but she knew what she was leaving me with. Well, if there was one thing I had learned at Camp, it was to never argue with your orders, especially when it was a life and, or, death mission.
"Raksha, the rooms here.", Jesse said, stopping in his tracks and pointing, with his free hand, at two platinum doors with Sorsha and a lot more animals names and pictures there.
"Sorry, Jesse, but it's not my place to say anything." I told him, before opening the heavy doors. The first thing I saw was a huge Bengal tiger running towards me. The first thing I felt were so many different types of animals love and excitement at my new and final return.
Then I realized why Moonstar loved me. Raksha could communicate, telepathically, with animals. Having these animals since their childhoods had made them smarter and used to Raksha's, and now apparently my, prescence in their minds.
Being able to talk to Raksha made them naturally telepathic. They didn't dare talk to humans though, besides us. They stayed together and talked amongst themselves, so making them like each other. There wasn't too many fights that way.
Raksha! Raksha! We've missed you so much! They all said at once. Sorsha bounded to me and knocked me down, licking me everywhere. There were so many animals in this room, I got lost after fifty, even though Raksha's memory told me we had over two hundred thousand different types of animals in here. This room was colossal. Way more vast than my balcony was. Five times that. The roof was high and trees grew throughout the room. The floor was ground, with rocks, vegatation, dirt, and water resources.
Birds had nests in the rafters. Pigeons, parakeets, peecocks, falcons, parrots, jays, crows, magpies, hawks, a couple of turkeys and chickens on the ground, swallows, and several, several more were swooping everywhere. They had nests in the ground, in the roof, on the trees, in the trees, and plenty of other places. It was beautiful and the birds were as graceful as anything I had ever seen at Camp.
I had wolves, many types of Pitbulls, Retrievers, Labs, hounds, Pugs, Poodles, Bull dog's, German Sheperds, Aussies, and tons more types of dogs were roaming around, excitedly. They had cushions, old blankets, and they each had their own location unless they had mates and famillies. The room was unusually clean for many animals living habits.
The same was with my many exotic and ordinary cats. Some of the exotics slept in the trees. Tigers, Bengal tigers, cheetahs, leopards, Snow leopards, lynx's, Calico's, lions, both male and female, water cats, house cats that fend for themselves, and others were resting in trees. Cougars were pacing, happily. Some were swimming in a huge creek, that came to the room from nowhere.
It ran into a pond, where frogs and other small animals were playing. Fishes were swimming and crocidiles and alligators, were sunning in an invisible sun. Turtles of every shape and size were doing the same on rocks dotted all over the enormous pond. A gigantic island was in the middle of the pond. Ducks were swimming with their chicks, along with swans, and other water birds.
Butterflys, dragonflies, ladybugs, and many more beautiful insects were buzzing around. Rats, squirrels, rabbits and bunnies, badgers, racoons, porccupines, hogs, road runners, and even skunks were lurking in the shadows of a great wood, happily keeping to the darkness of the bright room. Deer and their babies were playing in the sun and eating grass together.
Leaping and bounding, the cubs played, restlessly, with each other, unaware of their differences in gender, species, and looks. They played better together than any of the girls at Camp did. Well at least in the girl's first couple of days that is. It was amazing to watch.
Every animal was getting along with each other and every animal seemed to be happy. My memories told me bears and their cubs played in the woods and the socially awkward animals lived there as well, meaning the squirrels and skunks and stuff. Sorsha got off me and I breathed in the warm, afternoon breeze. A black and white monkey jumped onto my shoulder scaring me, and delighting Raksha. Hello Nikey. I've missed you so much. You too Sorsha. I've missed you all, dearly. I projected Rakshas thoughts to them all, making sure the whole room heard me.
Raksha, you're back! Sorsha's a great leader. I'm glad you appointed her queen before you disappeared. This place would be a total mess without her and Samson. Came Nikey's reply. And all the other animals echoed something along Nikey's lines.
Thanks. It's been a pleasure, but now you're back and I can relax and not have to worry about squirrel fights. For once. Sorsha purred, staring pointedly at the squirrels. They lowered their nuts and smiled, innocently.
It's okay, Sorsha. The squirrels will stop fighting, at least long enough for their Queen to get some rest. I said, petting Sorsha. I didn't want to ruin all their fun, but Sorsha did look a bit exhausted..
Theres still the Monkeys throwing bananas. The mice stealing nuts. Then the cubs, ducklings, and the other children running amuck and pulling pranks, throughout the day and well into the night. Other than that, there should be no problem. Sorsha purred, sarcastically towards Nikey.
Well, Nikey and Sorsha are coming with me in a few. Samson's leader after that and until Sorsha comes back. That okay with you Sam? I asked the old male lion, kindly. He was older than Sorsha and Nikey were and even older than I.
Fine with me, but you have to be back before night falls. I can't stay up too long. Sam replied jokingly, younglings already crowding around for stories. I knew he'd be up all night telling the young ones stories. He didn't mind just as long as he got to lay down while he told his.

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