Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.4 Prt.1

November 14, 2010
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Chapter Four
Our parents looked at each other like I had just said the worst thing in the world. "Honey," Zanna said. "We didn't mean to leave you. You have to beleive that. We wanted what was best for you, we always have, but the Reds took us. They expected us to break but we never did. We erased your memory, hoping that if they found you you'd look like any normal human girl. It never worked correctly. You always looked amazingly different, even for our world.
"Meraz got in lead with them and he, of course, knew where you were. We tried our best. When they knocked us out, they forced potions down our throats so when we woke up our powers were blocked. I couldn't shift or anything. We really do love you sweety. We never wanted this to hurt you. We loved you. We still do and always will. No matter what happens or who you become."
Our Mother's eyes were as wet and as real looking as the ocean now. I believed them but the only memories I could contact were those connected to Raz's memories and Raksha wasn't helping me much with anything.
"I believe you guys. Really I do, but I don't remember you guys. Only memories locked in with Meraz's. It's hard not knowing and being expected to know. You saw with Po. I have barely a clue who she is.
"Why? It's all a big blank and I have no clue why. Less than twenty four hours ago I was a regular camp girl getting ready for my daily training. Now I'm... Confused. My whole life has been a lie. I dont remember any of this. All I know and have is General Sullica's Camp. My Camp. Why?"
Zanna and Mason exchanged a quick glance that a normal human wouldn't have picked up, but I caught it perfectly. "Is it a secret or can anyone join in?", I asked sarcastically. Raksha, like always, seemed to have disapeared.
"Your a Drache, I'll give you that much, but answers don't just come to you. You have to be patient and when you're ready, you'll get what's coming." This was the first time my Dad had spoken to me, directly, since I had freed them at Raz's mansion.
"I think this is a question where you don't have to wait too much time for the answer, Raksha." He was so wise when he spoke. "The answer is that your Uncle, and yes, he is your Uncle, no matter what he's done." My father added when I was about to reject to even being related. "Your Uncle Raz may be, just may be, stronger than me as a vampire, but as a father, I'm way stronger.
"Your mother and I's power was a million times stronger with love added to it. Your Uncle Raz couldn't undo that no matter how much power the Reds had given him. You had and still have a million peoples love and power in you. Po gave half her power that she had at the time and all of her love. My whole family did the same as well as your mother's and I'm positive they'd be happy to do it again. You have a magical wall of love surrounding your memories that only you yourself can truly unlock.
"You unlock those memories and you'll remember your loved ones. So do you get now why your Uncle's magic, not love, couldn't unlock your memories? I know that Your Uncle Raz loves you. He was the main one of anyone besides your Mother and I who would do anything for your safety.
"The Reds brain washed him. It's not his fault. His envy blocked his love, therefore making it easy for him to become victom to the Reds. He gave all his magic and barely any of his love into trying what he did. So the spell wasn't done properly. Vampire powers run on Vampire emotions and love is a very very strong and vital emotion.
"Love's a valuable thing, this I have learned and, with experience, I am positive its true. Once you truly love someone, truly, that love never disappears no matter what they do or how much they hurt you. The love is just burried with so much hatred that it is forgotten all together.
"Do you see now that it wasn't our fault that we left? That we truly really do love you? And that you've always had a loving family? You know it, now you have to remember it for yourself, not for anyone else." Our father's words stung me, but no matter how hard I thought I couldn't find a way to counteract his lecture. At Camp the number one rule is never show your emotions. So not crying on Raksha's part was very hard for me to do. I believed him. I truly did, but I barely, just barely, knew him.
I closed my eyes to think without my mother's teary ocean eyes and my father's silver, wise eyes glued to me. About a million visions flashed before my eyelids. I could tell they were of my parents and Raksha, or me. They all had us in there. One caught my mind and I, metaphorically, reached out to it and grabbed the memory so I could see it. As soon as I mentally touched it the memory began to play for me.
Raksha was in our Mom's old room. Our parents and her had just arrived by portkey. Raksha was crying hard. She looked so, so afraid. Our father was holding her close to him. He was trying really hard to calm her with "There's nothing to be afraid of now, Sweety." and "Everythings fine now. It'll be okay."
Our mother was in her Dragon form. Zanna was crying too, but she looked very feirce. Imagine a Dragon crying. It was very sad, yet very, very frightening.
"We need to hide her. The Reds know. It's too late." Zanna sobbed the words. "I have no clue where to put her where she can learn how to control it and her shifting. She's gonna die if she just shifts. She needs to get stronger so-"
Mason cut her off imediately. Zanna's words were frightening the younger Raksha even more. "Honey, she's just a girl! I'm positive when you were Raksha's age you didn't have full control either. We'll find a way and meanwhile Raksha can't have too much pressure." Mason pulled his daughter away from his chest where he was muffling her ears. He touched her shoulders and said in her mind, "Forget the now."
The vision went blank. I opened my real eyes to find my parents with the same expressions as when I had closed them. Pleading. They really did want me to forgive them, but I knew they hadn't done anything for me to get mad at, let alone forgive them for.
Have you ever had a time when you knew you had to say something to stop a problem that would help someone you loved, although you know the problem would stay with you forever?
That's how I felt, so I said, "I understand. I know you. I know you guys loved me and I know you still do. I remember it too, but I don't remember anyone else and I'm positive I don't have time to remember everyone either. I guess I can just remember them when I get the chance and hope my memories will help and guide me along the way. Can't I?" I added because their faces didn't look very positive about this idea and Raksha was laughing inside.
It didn't look like my parents thought this was a good idea and they shared a quick glance again and again I caught it. I knew this was going to get interesting. "Well..." began my father. "That would be a lot of remembering and meeting. Raksha... Raksha you're the Princess of the Underworld. That could take a very, very long time to do."
Princess! I can't be a princess! I thought. I don't even like dresses! I felt like fainting. I'd never had a moment in my life where I didn't have anything to say or anything to do. This was not normal. "Me? I've never set foot in a castle in my life besides now! I beleive you because of my memories, but... A princess... That's beyond impossible! And this is the impossible. I be a princess? F.Y.I., it's a little weird on my part.
"I live alone, I haven't worn anything besides army jeans and converses in my life, and I was raised by a General in a girl's obedience camp. Not the typical life of a princess. I don't even like dresses or high heels and I've never seen a woman in my life who has! I know my eyes are a bit weird and my hair's flaming red, like your's, but how could I be a princess?" Raksha was laughing her a** off but I couldn't stand it any longer. Shut up Raksha otherwise I'm going to make our life a living H***.
My parents spoke at the same time. "We know how you feel." Then my Mom continued. "Raksha, Sweety, I had to get used to this life too and I remember as clearly as you're feeling this right now how it felt when my enslaved, peasant parents told me that I was to be the Queen of the Underworld.
"It's strange and hard to get used to, but you will in time. The only difference between my expierience and yours is that I had a lot more time to get used to this life. You have right now. The Underworld and the Human World both depend on you. Both of your Worlds do. We all have to be strong, especially you."

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