Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.1 Prt.2

November 14, 2010
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I smiled and thought for a minute. How could he erase my memory? It seemed perfectly fine to me. Well, if this is all true then this might help me a lot and if its not I'll send him to the Loony Bin. I chuckled to myself. I guess I was still hysteric.
My arm wasn't bleeding but it wasn't totally healed. Even for me being immune, I had lost a lot of blood and that wasn't good. The pain dulled as I relaxed a bit and an immediate strike of adrenaline filled me.
"Sure.", I said to Raz. "It won't hurt to see if you're completely crazy."
"I'm not fully crazy. Maybe a little bit over halfway though.", Raz joked back.
"Will everything be a blank that's happening right now, or will I still know whats going on?", I asked doubtfully.
"No," he replied. "You'll remember everything even what's happening right now. Nothing will be a blank."
"Good, even though I still think you belong in the Loony Bin.", I added.
"I have to touch you. Is that okay? I have to be able to access your thoughts and to do that I have to touch you.", he explained.
"O...Okay. Fine with me.", I stuttered. I had to be crazy. My Voice panicked even more. It was weird. I decided to mentally ask her what was wrong and when she answered, I nearly feinted. She never talked back, but then again I never talked to her. Because your making the biggest mistake of our life. She said.
Don't trust him!, yelled my Voice. He's not your Uncle Raz. You don't even know if his name is really Meraz. Raz started to walk towards me slowly. His walk was nothing like a humans, I observed. He floated... He moved his legs and when his feet came down they didn't quite touch the floor. His feet were always centimeters off the ground.
Weird, I thought. Maybe it's his age. Yeah, lots of practice. I thought, refusing the idea of him being an actual vampire, even though that idea was ridiculous too. What was he going to do? What was going to happen? How was what was going to happen happen?
These were few of many questions running through my thick head. This wasn't normal. I had to get out of here as soon as possible. My Voice was no where to be seen but I could feel her. She wasn't afraid anymore, she was determined. Her soul was as tense as a spring and she seemed as if she was ready to fight, but how could she?
When he reached me, he spoke so soft I had to lean in to hear him. "You'll remember a lot more. Bad memories may return. Don't be afraid of them, you've lived through them before. I don't know how many times your parents have erased your memory so it may be a little chaotic in there. You don't have to remember them all right now, so let most of them pass. Are you sure you're ready, kiddo?", Raz asked. Kiddo? Come on, I wasn't ten anymore.
"I'm positive.", I answered in a squeaky strain. My Voice had shut up but for the first time in my life I could feel her trying to escape. Just like the Dragon in my dreams. She didn't trust this man. She knew something I didn't and I was beginning to wonder if I should be trusting anyone at the moment. Was she right? Was letting this man touch me and do... Whatever, going to be a mistake?
Raz removed the last couple of feet between us in one step and hesitantly put his hand on my shoulder. Was he afraid? I couldn't observe him more to answer myself because Raz's voice sounded in my head very suddenly. It said, "Remember everything." My mind fogged up with a pure white fog and my eyes burned like fire.
I didn't understand anything and I realized my eyes were shut. What in God's name was happening? Had this happened before? This feeling... I had had it before. I didn't know when but I knew it had. Before I had any more time to ponder, the fog was gone, as fast as it had came, and had left behind memories that as soon as I saw them I remembered them. The first memory I remembered was my first animal kill.
I seemed about eight years old. It was in a plain somewhere in North Africa and the buck was rather large. I ripped it open with my claws and sunk my teeth into my first prey. I could taste the deliciously warm blood running down my parched throat. I could feel my fathers pride although I couldn't quite see him. I could see Raz's pride though. It was substantial.
Then I saw another memory and it played for me. It was me a couple months later visiting Uncle Raz, I remembered my Aunt Katrina now, and Aunt Katrina at this house. She was beautiful. Her long blonde hair waved all the way to her knees and her sky blues eyes shined like the reflection of a lake under a sun. She had an air of motherly love surrounding her. It was comfortable and relaxing to be around her.
I could see my younger version, dressed in some pretty cool camo clothes, running and jumping into my Uncles arms, laughing and rambling about how my dad got freaked out about a snake..."I remember", I said, opening up my eyes to the real world. "You were the best uncle in the whole world. Aunt Katrina was a lot more strict but you could always find a way to let us get our way. She can't stand your puppy dog eyes. You're like a big kid yourself.
"And my mother..." I had just remembered my beautiful mother, even prettier than Aunt Katrina. "Oh, my mother. Her hair is like fire but her attitude is as real and sparky as a flame. Her eyes sparkle like the sun on the ocean. And my father...
"He was a real sucker for her just like you said. His eyes are silver and his hairs just like your's. He's... He's your twin. But not identical. He has your father's face and you've got your mother's. Oh, I remember!"
Raz had backed away. He looked frightened. He looked as if what he had just done was a bad thing. But how could it be? I walked to my Uncle and gave him a big hug. "Thank you.", I whispered. "I actually remember. Thank you for everything!" Everything made sense now. My Voice was cowering inside my head. Whats wrong? I asked her.
How could you do this? You have no idea what you have just done Arriana. We're going to die and the Underworld is going to fall because of your stupid mistake. Ohh, what am I saying? This is all my fault! I didn't feel like listening to her ramble anymore so I decided to let her be. I was home again and I knew who I was!
Raz hugged me so hard. I was so happy. So was he. Then my happiness began to ebb away. My uncle sensed it and let go. I backed away, feeling my fangs growing in my mouth. They made a slick pop and, as if they had their own mind, they began to pulse, sensing and searching for blood. I felt so alive. My body felt like a lightening bolt.
I was thirsty, but what for I hadn't the clue. I looked at my uncle. I could sense his blood pulsing through his veins. I wanted blood, of course, but I didn't want his blood. I suddenly felt very confused.
"What?... How?...Uh...", I studdered, looking around. I needed to escape.
"You wan't blood. Am I right? My blood runs through your veins so you don't want it. You don't want human blood either because your a Blue Vamp and you're trained against it. You wan't to hunt." I wished he could just stop talking and get to the point. "Your powers have been blocked due to lack of blood. You wan't animal blood. Go for it. I own the land within a hundred mile radius of this place. A million packs of deer live on my property. I'll be here when you get back. Have fun!" His voice sounded very chipper.
I nodded and without realizing it, I had opened the window in Raz's office and jumped through it. As soon as I was out on the window pane below, I jumped the next fifty feet to the ground. I landed with barely a sound. I felt immortal. Untouchable. Wow, I thought, already running to the woods and through the trees. So much adrenaline. How could I have forgotten my thirst? Stupid of-

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