Secret Dream

November 16, 2010
By Sammi_Jo BRONZE, Buckhannon, West Virginia
Sammi_Jo BRONZE, Buckhannon, West Virginia
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"Smile, its the key that fits the lock to everybody's heart."

As tears run down my face, I throw my book bag on my bedroom floor and run towards my closet. The caustic words ring in my ears, taunting and laughing at me. I cannot bring myself to understand how people can be so callous. I stand facing the door, and feel the heat rise to the surface of my cheeks. My hand grasps the golden knob of the pale, white door. I wipe my eyes and give a slight smile because only I know what lies behind it. I look around my room to make sure no one is watching me. In secrecy, I slowly twist the golden knob and reveal my secret, serene utopia.

The incandescent sun kisses my face and dries my tears, as I smell the fragrance of delicate blossoms. Periwinkle petals gently sway back and forth, as butterflies make their landing. A warm breeze washes the pearl clouds, and then sweeps past me. The warm glow tingles as it touches my skin. I close my forest green eyes and listen to the imaginary notes and keys playing in my head. Each note smiles and waves as it passes me by, leaving an afterglow. I inhale the moment, breathing in all the colors. The yellows, blues, and reds mix forming rays of rainbows. Every thought, every imagination, is a world of my own locked inside my closet, and only I have the key.

I run with my arms outstretched wide, like a bird’s feathered wings. The blue topaz air lifts me off my feet. A smile grows on my face as I experience the weightless feeling. While flying, the atmosphere hugs me ever so gently. The wind brushes against my face, and combs through my long, auburn hair. Everything in the bird’s eye view is delicate and aesthetic. I gaze down into the glistening, ultramarine pacific and watch the bright colors dance in harmony beneath the cool, crisp waves. Dolphins weave among the blue dance floor as they race for the sun that hovers above the surface. The water wraps its arms around the monumental rocks, embracing them with every wave that passes. Birds dip and sail around me, racing through the peach rays in the skylight. As I look down the land changes from blue to green. Rivulets cut through the grassy land, breaking it apart. I hear the beat of the water rushing through the earth’s aqua veins.

Light gradually changes to darkness as the dimming sun sets in the west. Whenever I touch back down, I look up and admire the picturesque view. Radiant stars suspend in the night while neon rays of color wiggle like worms in the onyx galaxy. When I close my eyes, I feel at home, no one can take away my smile. There are no tears here, just happiness. As I open my eyes, I catch a glimpse of a shooting star. I make my wish. I wish I could share this world with someone special, someone that makes me smile just as bright in the real world. After I watch the star disappear, I head back home with a smile on my face. That night I lie wide-awake in my bed, anxious to return.

A few days later, I stand in my closet doorway, this time with someone special, someone I want to share my secret world with. I take him by my side and explore the breath taking sights. The daylight adventure ends quickly as the sun fades and the sky darkens. We lie in the open field with stars hanging above us, and the green glow of fireflies in the air. I turn to him to say, “Smile for me,” but he beats me to it. We both smile and take in the view, never wanting this moment to end.

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