The Time Traveler (collection 1) Part I: Soul Suckers

November 11, 2010
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Sally looked down the long dark hallway. Each of the over head lights flickered and blinked on and off, on and off, on and off. Gathering her strength, Sally began to slowly creep down the hall.

“John?” She asked, “Where are you?”

The smell of moldy furniture and rotten wood filled the air as she passed by many doors marked from 715 to 714, 713,712, 711, etc. Fading gold numbers marked each door as she cautiously opened door number 710.

“H-hello?” She asked.

Nothing but darkness met Sally as she peered into the darkness. Stepping out of the darkened doorway, she looked around. Suddenly, a brush of cold air caught her neck. Jumping in the air, she quickly turned around. There, she saw the face of a young man. Red hair flowed down in curls over his head. Freckles filled his face as his green eyes peered into her blue eyes.

“John!” She screamed.

Laughing, John backed away from Sally.

“You freaked out so badly!” He laughed.

Grunting, Sally paid no attention to him and turned around.

“Idiot” She muttered.

“Hey, baby” John said, “I’ve got to show you what I found in room 767, it’s cool!”

Unwilling to always be mad at him, Sally laughed and nodded.

“Alright” She said, “Let’s go.”

“Yes!” John sighed.

Dashing forward, John sped down the hall while Sally tried to catch up.

“Sally” Something whispered.

Sally stopped and looked down the hall. Door 710 was open. Shrugging her shoulders, Sally walked off.

“Must’ve been the wind.” She figured.

Dashing up the stairs, she came to level seven and exited through the door. After a few minutes of running, she came to room 767. Entering the room, Sally saw John staring out the window.

“How the heck did it get over there?” He asked.

Stepping forward, Sally saw that John was looking at a gargoyle that was sitting in the middle of an old parking lot. Its gnarled face looked away from John and Sally.

“Sally.” Something whispered.

Turning suddenly, Sally saw black marks on the wall. Walking over, she suddenly saw that the black marks formed letters.

Sally it read, Duck now! She saw that there was more. Duck, now. Okay, now! Oh, come on work with me, duck! Not the animal, you drop to the floor and wait, trust me, duck. Sally, duck now! Without much concern, Sally ducked her head down. Suddenly, there was ZIP! And she looked up. There sticking in the wall, was an arrow. Turning around, she screamed. There sitting on the ledge was a green gargoyle who growled at Sally. Blinking once, she saw that the gargoyle was now stone.

“John” She began.

Gazing at the bottom of the gargoyle, she saw a skeleton with a layer of skin over the bones. It was John. Turning suddenly, she saw the last part of the message: RUN! Sincerely, The Time Traveler (RUN!)

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