The Destruction of the Earth

November 5, 2010
By towerjunkie019 SILVER, Grandview, Washington
towerjunkie019 SILVER, Grandview, Washington
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“Sir, sir!” Cried one of the representative’s aides. “A message came from the observation site!”

“Excuse me a moment.” And the representative turned to his aide “what do you want?

The aide looked in either direction, and then whispered into his ear. The reptilian face of the politician gave no emotion, but his voice in his next declaration said all it needed.

“Grand beings of the Galaxy, I have terrible news. You all remember the Lith? A close relative of their species, called humans, have achieved warp speed, and are now openly roaming the galaxy.”

A great uproar was caused by this in the huge chamber. Thousands of species all at once screaming. It was of course a terrifying thought, as the Lith had almost entirely conquered the galaxy not one million years ago. They were all huge balls of charisma, every one of them. Not only that, but they were like vermin, riddled with diseases and incredibly hard to exterminate. They had been striking from remote locations all across the galaxy since time immemorial. They were also incredibly intelligent, and it was hard to defeat them. The Lith could survive almost anywhere.

“Not only that, these are extremely warlike people, and have developed weapons that kill entire planets.”

Now, some chuckled, while others simply seemed confused. Weapons that destroyed planets were easily made. They had many super lasers that could easily achieve such in their vast armies. It was hard to find something easier to make.

“I think you should see it.” And the representative pulled out a remote-like thing from its garment and pressed a button. On the central view screen, a video of a heavily forested area appeared and was there for a few seconds. Then, there was a bright flash, and suddenly, there were no visible trees. All was barren. Then, pictures of radiation sick humans were showed. Great shouts of outrage once more filled the chamber. Eventually, someone asked, “Who would do that to their own kind?”

“These are violent Lith. They want to fight everything they can. They are savage, wild creatures with no value for any form of life. Not even their own. My people have been watching them for some time now, and have watched their little empires rise and fall exceedingly quickly.”

“Hold it now, why don’t we give them a chance? Can we not help them become more respectful of life? Look at my kind; we became quite peaceful when we entered. Can they not be afforded the same courtesy?”

The lizard shook his head. “There was hope for your kind; already, they have wiped out all but the most virulent species on their planet, and even that is due only to strong regulation by their leaders. They have devastated their planet, and now that they have warp technology, they will jump from planet to planet, sucking them dry until they can find no more fuel to power their primitive spaceships. They have no reason to change their ways, and will conquer us if we let them. You were more enlightened than them, and could handle membership in the Galactic Federation.”

“They cannot be as bad as you say!” Said the Latter-Day Lith.

“Not only that, they carry a thousand more diseases than the original Lith. They invent diseases to combat each other, and will inadvertently bring their poisons to us. Their spacecraft is covered in filth and germs. We can stop this menace, but it is quite an extreme action.”

“Now,” said the chairman of the Federation, “if you are suggesting that we exterminate them, you are sadly mistaken. We have lost many once habitable planets to the Lith, but we will not destroy one of theirs. Life is a sacred thing and must be preserved. Those old enemies taught us that the hard way, when they took away some of our home worlds. All life is sacred, how can you justify striking the first blow? According to you, prejudice is their thing.”

“Thank you, Chairman. We should at least send scouts to investigate. Perhaps find a worthy group to speak to. Something must be able to reach them, right?”

“All in favor of sending scouts?”

An overwhelming agreement to the motion was showed.

“Very well. We will attempt to make contact, and if they should prove hostile, we will consider your motion.” Declared the chairman.


The stealth probe landed in the middle of the Nevada desert, where they were least likely to be spotted and where they could easily walk to the nearest city. The LD Lith was the only ones on the expedition team. Two males and a female. The LD Lith was fairer than humans, and more intelligent. The team was headed to Las Vegas, where they would ask about for the world leader’s whereabouts. They had adopted common earth names; James, John, and Nicole. They were easily lost in a crowd, despite their beauty.

The plan was to scatter, find what they needed, and return to the Galactic capital with the information. It was slightly harder for them to breathe here, as they were used to pure oxygen, and this air was laced with toxins. They each said their goodbyes and began to walk.

John, who had blonde hair, walked toward a light source in another direction. It was farther, but seemed more promising. He walked until he reached a long chain fence, where a man in an oddly patterned shirt asked him what it was he thought he was doing.

“I wanted to know where I could find the President.”

The oddly dressed man looked angry and confused at the same time. “Are you some kind of terrorist? If you are, you’re the worst I’ve seen. Get out of here! Go on, get!”

“Please, I just want to talk. Let me come over.” And John proceeded to climb the fence.

The young soldier shot the Alien.


Nicole was at Las Vegas within a few minutes, and could hardly breathe, due to all the toxins. In the desert, it was clearer. Here, you could hardly see. She was in a rather dilapidated part of town, where many of the lights were out. Nicole was so enamored by this primitive living, she did not hear the men behind her as they inched ever closer to the beautiful, oblivious woman. Eventually, they got close enough to reach out and grab her. They did, and dragged her to an ally, where unspeakable things were done to her before she was killed.

James, who had dark hair, was in a very well-lit part of town. He was the only person not wearing a mask. He saw People in suits that looked rather ridicules and plenty of what were called costumes. He asked about the president to just about everybody. Apparently, He lived in a place called Washington D.C., and people thought you were supposed to know where that was. So James tried to reach his fellows, but neither was responding.

When he got back to the Ship, he found two soldiers investigating his ship. He started toward them, and was warned to go away. When he refused to leave, he was shot.

There was a furious debate going on in the great hall of The Galaxy. Even the powerfully voiced chairman had trouble calming it. Eventually, they brought out a voice-amplifier and The Chairman declared silence.

“I have been told of the problems our scouts ran into, but we must keep our wits about us. We have to make a calm, rational decision. As we love all living things in the universe, we must consider these creatures. Could we live with ourselves if we destroyed them all?”

“That planet is polluted and perverted. The humans have ruined all living creatures on that planet, and Kill without thought. The deaths of our scouts were examples of that!” Said the lizard-man.

“There is an issue we have not managed to broach. They are still in space, and getting closer to federation space every moment we spent talking. All life is necessary, but these beings bend all things to their will.” Said the LD Lith.

“I hate to suggest this, but it would seem as though we can only do wrong otherwise. All in favor of the destruction of earth and roaming vessel?”

The decision was unanimous. They were too big a threat.

The author's comments:
I sent this to the local paper and tey published it. thought you guys would appriciate it too.

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freakishfish said...
on Dec. 16 2010 at 1:58 pm
I think this author is an idiot.  what kind of dingus writes about things that don't even happen?  write about reality, or don't write.

on Nov. 27 2010 at 1:45 pm
I think this should definitely be a novel!

on Nov. 23 2010 at 1:54 pm
Once again, this author rocks!!  where can i find this paper?


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