The Odyssey : In the Cyclop's Eyes

October 28, 2010
By RaisonDetre SILVER, Bloomington, Illinois
RaisonDetre SILVER, Bloomington, Illinois
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Deep in the dark belly of the cave, I performed my daily task. It was a monotonous to do list, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. My life has been nothing but loneliness. Until one day…

This one group of warriors destroyed my reputation. When they arrived I ate half of them, but mistakenly left the leader. Just like Claire, I left him for personal reasons. He told me his name was Nohbody. I was confused, so I asked again for his name. He continued to say Nohbody. I understood his pain, the pain of being called useless. So I imprisoned him. Meanwhile, he was conjuring up a plan.

I thought he was being generous when he gave me wine. So I drank and drank. The sweetness was overwhelming I couldn’t stop. So then, I soon knocked out. From there, he stabbed me in the eye with a long, pointed stake. The survivors snuck through quietly attached to sheep, exiting the cave.

My agonized howl echoed through the long, gusty night. How? How could I be deceived by such an imbecile? I am clearly bigger, stronger, and humongous. It’s impossible for his brain to larger than mine. Oh my eye! This is the first time someone has ever cried blood than tears. Red continues color my raging pupil. How can my white eyeball ever be clean? Nohbody! Nohbody played me like a violin, and then cut off my strings. Grapes… the concentrated concoction relaxed my head in one piece/peace. Liquid remedy thinned my blood as I silently went to sleep. The royal cup soothed me; massaged me ever so gentle. The tender marble shined, across my slithering serpent tongue. In other words… wine is my best friend… I’m an alcoholic.
Besides carnage and decaying flesh, I love the sensation of that loose tingly feeling. It feels dope… real dope. Drink after drink makes me crave more, screw Benz drinking. I need a pack a day to make the pain go away. In matter of fact I could use one right now, for my eye is an irregular heartbeat. It will soon die in an end result of blindness, like the actual heart attack itself. But I can’t. Each swallow, each wash would remind me of the shameful guilt of how I’ve been fooled, and how my time left with my sight has been unfortunately, deservingly… squandered.
“Ah shut up already!”
The other Cyclopes murmured. I replied with cracks in my voice; while my trachea was currently experiencing a drought.
“You shut up! For I have been tricked upon!”
“Yeah… yeah whatever. If I was to bow down to your grieve and pity, what happened.”
“Do I have to say any more!” I shouted with fury, “Look at me! Look me in the… sob… sob… “eyeeee!”
“What happened?” my fellow friends frightened in curiosity.
“Nohbody, Nohbody tricked me, Nohbody’s ruined me!” I said.
They all just stood and stared. They told me that if nobody tricked me, if nobody ruined me, then why am I so emotionally sore. They told me I should remain true to the cyclops’s name, by staying bold, merciless, and tough. They told me I was a failure, and they all began to walk away.
Left again, I was deserted… with my fellow cyclopes.

I was too gullible.

The author's comments:
This piece was originally written for my English class about Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey." We already knew what Odysseus's view was, but what about the Cyclops's view.

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