Under My Bed, Not In My Head

November 7, 2010
Ronny awoke, his little brother standing beside his bed, nudging him. He scooted away, trying to fall back into his wonderful trance of a dream, when the nudging began once more. "Fleck," Ronny complained. "What's wrong."
"Monsters." Fleck replied. "Monsters in the house."
"Are they the big bad ones?" Ronny asked, his usual cockiness hanging in the air, flowing from his breath.
"Yeah." Fleck replied. "There's lots of them! All in teh closet, under my bed, they're everywhere!" Fleck cried.
"Come on, little guy." Ronny began. "You know the monsters don't creep in our houses, in our rooms. They only creep within your undeveloped mind." Ronny began to laugh as Fleck gave him a confused expression.
"Under enveloped?" he asked.
Ronny got up and pat Fleck on the shoulder.
"Don't worry. I'm the scariest guy you'll ever meet." Ronny replied. "And yes, your mind is under enveloped." Fleck left the room without another word. Ronny lay down, trying to fall back into his deep sleep, unsuccessfully, that is. He decided to get up, get dressed, and head to the kitchen to make some breakfast.
He sat down, pouring his cereal, when there was a cry from Fleck's room.
"Daddy! Help me!"
Ronny dashed the commotion, noticing a thud and a whimper. "Fleck!" He ran into his room, seeing Fleck crumpled on the floor, eyes closed, face pale as a tree branch in the winter. He shook Fleck's shoulders. "Wake up!" he commanded.
Fleck's eyes began to flutter. "You were wrong." he muttered. "They're not in my under enveloped head. They're real..." Fleck began to shake wildly, his eyes flying open, his arms and legs bulging, trying to get free of Ronny stone grip. "THEY'RE REAL! THEY'VE COME TO GET ME! SAVE ME!" His skin began to turn a dark green, warts growing all over his face.
Suddenly the room was very dark. Ronny tried to hold him down, shrieking. "FLECK! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! The grip he contained was nothing. The monster Fleck had become threw Ronny against the eggshell wall of his room, a sharp crack firing from Ronny's back. Ronny, fell, shrieking for help as Fleck, or whatever he had become, creep under the bed.
He began to regain his strength, he crawled to Fleck's bed, putting his head under it, as he traveled further, he began to see a red glow. He put his hand into the hole of light, and was taken down by the hand of a greasy, angry, beast.
He remembered the one rule that a child had as they fell to sleep. The one rule that he would follow through in journey into this odd, new world. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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