what the world is coming to

November 4, 2010
By Chelsea MacDonald BRONZE, North Tondawanda,
Chelsea MacDonald BRONZE, North Tondawanda,
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I woke up one day and decided today is the day to take a walk. As I walk down the street it is empty, cold, and quiet. There are no people riding bikes. No people talking, laughing, or even whispering. Like everyone decided to disappear over night….But looking at the maintenance shows different. The streets are silent and peaceful, except for a dancing news paper by my feet and the wind as its partner.

My feet start to ache so I know I have been walking for a while. But that doesn’t stop me I just keep on walking with no destination. I look up and the sun is beating on my back with its rays telling me to just turn around and walk home but I can’t. The fascination of the world astonishes me.

I look around me again and still no one is around. The only music I here is the trees. Until could it be a persons voice? I run as fast as I could to the beautiful sound as I keep running its getting closer and closer until I see its only a TV or as I would like to say the brain musher. That’s when the street lights kick and I realize time to turn home.

What happened to this world? Why am I so alone on the streets? This used to be a place of people and laughter. A place of learning and wrighting. Those were the days of books, days of silences staked high. But now just silence. As the moon shinned high, Still no people just lights coming out of the houses of zombies. Ever since technology come to this world no one ever came outside because they didn’t have a reason to. Dumb brain musher’s making people become lifeless…dead. Why should there be living if you can’t live it. “Come out side anybody!” I scream but no one moves or says anything back. Just sit there in front of your brain mushing box.

I walk into the only cold dark house left in this world, my house. That’s when I realized I am the only one left seeing life as beautiful as it can be instead of a box telling what beauty is.

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