Dragons are my life part 1

November 4, 2010
By , montgomery, VT
chapter 1 The Dream

Sometimes when you are sad you always dream about an adventure well im sick of dreaming I dont see why kids can't just travel well when Anadidsis want something she prasie and when she prays it always comes true.I dont wanna go on my on though it would be to scary and id get way to home sick.Now i know what your thinking "your thirteen years old and your scared of the dark and get homesick alot"Well thats me for you. Mabey ill invite Avery,Anica,Marlie,Misha,and..................Markie.Yah thats what ill do well i got to go to bed now i thought.And as i counted back i fell slowly into sleep and i drempted that night.I dreamed of a dragain , a draigon named isabelle.I dont know why i drempted o her but she was beutiful.

Chapter 2 The Weird Morning

Today i felt weird when i woke up.First of all my mom was cooking what kind of happy streek is she on.Secondly my father was singing and reading the news paper,last week he swear at me for asking him to go get the news paper let me tell you something dont talk to a man in the morning period and that was the end of our conversation that day.Also i felt weird in the mornin and when i took a shower I..........ummmmm well i flew .I was stuck to the ceiling and I finally just well I dont now what I did but I must have done something write.Then of course i went to school I tottally want to protest against it because its so stupid I know everything.I know you think im a amrt alac but im really not when your doing 27times 10 in 7th grade thats bad but i wont protest against it cause i like impressing my mom with all A+'s.Today was just like any typical day accept everyone said hi today to me and i dont know why because im like the least popular person in my school besides well others.Also i got stuck again to the ceiling somehow i missed lunch and english yah me.

"Hey" Marlie said

"Hey"I replied

"where were you today at lunch and english?"

"Lets just stay i was cought up in a sticky situation in the bathroom! yah thats what happened."

I know what she was thinkin i crapped my pants well now im gonna be the schools biggest laghing stalk.I felt so embarressed so i waked off i could not take it.First the saying hi,then the sticky situation,now she thins i had a accedent whats going to be next? I cant wait till dismisal.Tic toc tic toc come on 30 seconds before it ring and 5 4 3 2 and ding unfortianetley i was only 5 minutes from the school so i had to walk, well i didnt have to necessarily, I really wanted to walk with avery every day but i made a deal with mom and i forgot avery had soccer every other day so now every other day avery cant walk with me.Once i made it home i too a shower again and well i gained a power this is awsome i can mae thigs move with my mind.I wonder if i could mae riland move when he was being smart mouth to me. Well im not to siked about the power anymore accept when i forget to get the remote and i had already sat down so i could bring it to me.Well it is lie 9 pm when mom gets bac from cleaning and dad well he is on a buisness trip i thin he is just saying that to mom because he cheating on her o well i didnt like my step dad anyway he makes me call him dad.

I went to sleep again that night counting back from a 100 dozing off and i drempted more about isabelle the dragon the weird thing was ,was i was on Isebelles back and we were flying in the sky.I was inda freaked out but it was just a dream so i dont thin it meens anything.Once i had a dream i met god but that hasnt happened yet so i dought this will.I cant wait untill what creepie thing was going to happen tomorrow.

chapter 3 Isabelle?

This morning i woke up it was a inda typical day i was tired and i really wanted to go back to sleep and i could because it was a weekend .Of course it was a typical day untill i saw isabelle o now i wanna go back to sleep i regret ever waking up.I couldnt beleive it a 270 pound dragon in the middle of my bed i didnt realize how close he was and i just figured something out he is a she and she just went do do all over my white sheets.The first thing that came to mind was what te hec is that 270 pound beest doin on my sheets in my room main a do do couldnt she at least go outside or something.Oh well she’s kind of pretty and nice and she’s shy .And one more thing is she can talk. Isabelle is my best friend ever at first I was kind of shy but now I’m fly around on her and flying all over the city ,of coarse my mother does not know about Isabelle because if she did Isabel wouldn’t be mine and she would not be the one to be grounded until turn 18.I never used to believe in dragons but I geuss now I have to.I meen who would not after a dragon snuck throught there window and layed on your bed woke you up and do doed all over your poor little blanket.I certainly would not forget.

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WintersRevenge said...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 10:09 pm


   Sometimes when you’re sad you dream about an adventure. Well, I'm sick of dreaming. I don’t see why kids can't just travel the world on their own, because when Adamidis wants something she prays and it always comes true. I don’t want go completely on my own, though. It would be too scary and I’d get way too homesick. Now, I know what you’re thinking: "You’re thirteen years old and you’re scared of most everything.” Wel... (more »)

WintersRevenge replied...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 10:09 pm

   After showering, I finished my homework and made dinner. My mom, who was cleaning someone’s house (she’s a part-time maid), got home around nine pm. My dad had supposedly left on a business trip to Chicago earlier that day, but I’m not so sure that’s true. I think he’s just telling us that because he’s been cheating on Mom. I don’t want to tell her anything though, because she really likes him and she’s already gone through a divorc... (more »)

WintersRevenge replied...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 10:11 pm
I edited your story for you. See what a little fixing up can do for you? It can make an okay story into a good one. I only changed it a little, but now it makes much more sense. Keep writing! Love ya!
WintersRevenge said...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 8:17 pm
Well... I like the idea of the story, but there are major improvements that must be made. The first one: put this through spell check and use punctuation and capitalization. The second one: Make. The. Chapters. Longer. And the third: Details, details, details. I cannot say that enough. People want delicious stories that keep them enveloped in the plot. If it doesn't have details then it'll seem dry, which is not what you want. I love the plot but there is a lot of editing that must b... (more »)
tomtamtimmy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 12:33 am

you have a good storyline there. but it needs proofreading.

hears a tip to make it better. save the writing to a word document on your commputer. start writing something else. after a good month or so come back to this story and make it better. make it more descriptive stretch it out a little.

oh and i would get rid of the chapter one, chapter two thing cos each of your chapter are only like ten lines.

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