Ellder Squad: Prologue

October 30, 2010
The Ellder squad is 12 massive armies ( 30-120 billion strong) that have secretly protected 38 different realms from the beginning. Each army was given a color and specialized in a certain skill. Red was might. They were the largest army and were armed with weapons that were meant for piercing dragon armor and smitting armies of trolls. Orange mastered defense. They were a medium sized army and they carried shields that were large enough to defend their entire body. They were sent in to protect castles from large threats.Purple was skilled in magic. They learned from a great magician named Melukus Rlin, also known as Merlin. They dealed with rogue wizards and warlocks who've summoned hellish armies. Green was stealth. They were a small army and they were sent into destory entire empires from the inside. Black mastered the art of conveying fear. They were a large army that were only used to end wars before they even started. White was negotiations. They were the smallest army and sent in to prevent further bloodshed when the other squads were tied up in other matters. Silver controlled inteliigence. They were also a small army and mostly stayed behing the frontline. Gray was archery. They were a large army and never had to carry any swords or axes because the enemy never reached them.Brown was speed. They were a medium army and mainly used when armies needed to send messages across enemy lines. And there was Golden army. They were the leader's of Ellder squad. This squad had a platoon of Elite solider's of every squad. They rarely fought and mainly stayed in a massive castle.

For those of you that have been counting that was only 11 colors. The last squad was Blue squad. They were the best of the best. They possesed all of the above talents that were sent in only under the worst conditions. They never failed, they never lost more than 10 men in a battle, and they never went against their princepals. This army was 65 billion strong and not one man dare challenge even a single man from that army even if the challenger held a claymore and the challenged held no weapons and had one hand tied behind his back. But the other armies and Blue army got into a dispute over a decision made by Golden army. The Blue army leader left in digust at their arrogance. The other armies were livid and declared war against Blue. Brown, White, and Black refused to fight in the war however and their leader's were executed.

On the 30th day of February, the 11 armies marched to battle Blue. The fighting lasted 7 days. 300 people walked away from the battle that wore the Blue armor and only 65,000 walked away on the other side. The first day was so bloody that it was wiped from every calender so no man would ever relive that day again. Blue was later replaced with Bronze army. They were all mecenaries who contained none of the skills of Blue army and ran amok when not on missions. 10 years later, the Golden army put the plan for total control into action. However they needed something. The very thing that made Blue army revolt.

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JacobG. said...
Nov. 7, 2011 at 10:51 pm
Looking at this now, almost two years after I wrote this, I can't help but seeing all the mistakes I've made.
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