The Dark Path - chapter 1

October 30, 2010
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Locked in a dark void of solitude that's how he expressed it to me. Like everything was held together by the thinnest threads. One simple mistake or movement would send you tumbling down a never ending tunnel of darkness. I've always had a sense for others feelings and thoughts but the emotions i got from him were so hard to read. Like everyone locked up in this prison of hell.
I guess that's what happens ending up in the Cottonwood's Mental Hospital. Well i guess your wondering how i ended up here anyways it all started about seventeen years ago when i was born.
My mother was a psychiatrist and my father a carpenter, oh how i don't miss those days. I got placed here for the first time when i was only six years old my mother said the way I had been acting was unacceptable. Sure it was i only tried to stab her twice and i didn't mean to drown her cat in the pool.Besides what did it matter i probably would have ended up here anyways.
My father was an abusive man when he actually came home. Which was maybe once or twice a month, sure he stayed home for a week or so. but what did i care he could have stayed gone forever and I'd have been happy.
She always made excuses for him my mother, like it actually mattered.
the only friend i had was the boy i shared a room with I wasn't to enthused when he first came. Hell i had this room to myself for five years.
It was late when the nurse came into my room although time never seemed to cease throughout the day. Someone was always awake always breaking the rules. It never really seemed like night here although the sun went down and it came up day after day.
Following behind her was a boy not much younger than I. The Nurse Miss Aderson said to me, "this here is Tomatsu he's eight years old and will be sharing this room with you. Be nice to him won't you Akemi?" "Sure" I said along with a mumble of how i hated other people. But of course they wouldn't care, that was the whole point getting someone to open up, change their ways of life.

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