Sarah Chapter 1 Part 1

October 28, 2010
By ReflectingRain BRONZE, Hampton, Iowa
ReflectingRain BRONZE, Hampton, Iowa
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I stood in a meadow, I was all alone. But I could hear something, someone. And that someone seemed to be talking to me. I didn’t know the voice but something about it seemed to be known to me.

“Sarah,” the voice said to me.

Finally I asked, “Who is there?” I couldn’t see the person or anything. All that I could tell was the voice was most likely male. The voice was deep and screamed male. It may be a female but if that happened I would be surprised.

The man did not answer though. Instead he just laughed, it wasn’t a crazy laugh but more like a low chuckle. “I can’t tell you. You have to figure it out yourself,” I could hear the joy in his voice. “I will be with you soon though. You will come here. I’ll be waiting. I promise.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I had no idea what the voice could have possibly meant but something about what I was told I believed. I knew that someday I was going to find the man that was talking to me and had promised that he would see me.

The next thing I knew I was staring at a white wall, I was on my back so I guessed that it had to the ceiling. I tried to sit up but all of a sudden pain shot through my face and chest.

“Don’t try to get up,” a voice said. I turned my face slowly toward the sound of the voice and say that it was my best friend William. His pale skin seemed darker against the white of the walls. His dark hair and eyes seemed to be darker to, if that were possible.

“What happened to me?” I croaked. My throat was very dry, as if I hadn’t had anything to drink in a very long time.

William looked to the side, his face told me that he didn’t want to tell me. “Sarah,” he started. “I really think this can wait until later.” He put a single hand onto my face, I cried out in pain. He quickly took his hand away, “I’m sorry.”

“What is wrong to my face?” I asked. I knew he might not tell me what was wrong but I had to try. If it hurt just at being touched I wanted to know what was wrong.

“Your face is cut up,” was all he said. I guess that is the best thing I could have got. I didn’t expect him to tell me how it happened. I was just happy that he had told me what was wrong. I wanted to ask him what else was wrong with me but before I could open my mouth he said, “I’m going to get the nurse and tell her you are awake.”

I watched William leave. When he was gone I looked around carefully, I wanted to see were I was. The walls were all white, there was one window to the right of the bed I was laying on. A tree was in bloom outside of the window, it had to be spring or summer then. But from all the things I could see I was not getting any hints about where I was. I didn’t think I was in Malone, my home, because I had never seen any thing like this. I couldn’t be for sure though.

A nurse came into my room, William was following behind her. “How are we feeling dear?”

“I want food,” I muttered. I didn’t know if she was asking if I was in pain or not or what she really did want to know.

But the nurse smiled at me, “I will be right back.” She turned around and went out of the door.

William sat back down next to me and looked out the window. His face was full of thought. “What are you thinking about?” I asked him. I wanted him to tell me, he was my best friend and we shared everything together. Well almost everything. The only thing that I knew of that he had not told me was how I was hurt.

“About you,” he sighed. William still would not look at me but when he told me he was thinking about me his face got sadder. It made me wonder what exactly he was thinking about me.

“What about me?” I asked. He didn’t have time to answer though because the nurse came into the room caring a tray of food and a large glass of water. She set the tray down in front of me and left with out saying anything.

“Sarah, if I tell you something… Will you promise to not get mad at me?” William finally looked away from the window and looked at me. He was looking really green, what ever he was going to tell me was serious.

“I promise,” I whispered. After I had said that I took a gulp of water and shoveled some of the mysterious food into my mouth. Having food in my stomach made me feel better. I didn’t think I had ate in a very long time but I couldn’t be sure when the last time I ate was. I felt better though and that was all that mattered to me right now.

“It’s about how you were hurt,” he said. He took a deep breath in before he started again, “Do you not remember anything before then?” I shook my head, I didn’t remember how I was hurt, who I was with then or what had happened then.

“You remember though that me and you are… Special?” This time though I nodded. William and I could control parts of the earth. For him it was metal and for me it was everything in the earth. William bit his lip and looked to the side, “Someone told me something cool I could do with metal and I wanted to try it out. You came with me of course so that you could try it out too. I didn’t get anything the first time so I tried it again. It went wrong and the metal I had called attacked you.”

I nodded my head and slowly took in what he had told me. William was the reason that I was in the hospital. He was the reason that I was hurt, though no one had told me what exactly was wrong with me. I wasn’t going to blame him though, it wasn’t fully his fault. William and I had just started to learn how to control our abilities and at times we could not. So I could not be mad at him that he lost control of the metal.

“Are you going to say anything?” He asked me.

“I’m sorry. I was thinking about things,” I told him. I tried to smile but it hurt me to much. “It’s not your fault. I could have done it to you too. It was an accident.” I started to think again of the fact that I wanted to know what was wrong with me. William was upset right now and I did not want to make it worse.

He sighed, “I didn’t want to hear that. I want you to be mad at me and to tell me it was all my fault.”

“William I would never blame and accident on you,” I said. Since it seemed like he wanted to be sad I decided I would ask him what was wrong with me. “What did you do to me?”

“I sent metal spikes at you. Three scraped your face and another went through your chest,” he said looking down.

I stretched out my hand and reached to him. My hand fell short, “It is not your fault.” The look on his face… I just had to say that. He was looking so down. I wanted so badly for my hand to be able to reach him, I got the feeling that if I touched him he would feel better.

William stood up and started to pace at the end of my bed. “Sarah, please stop being like that. It is my fault that you are hurt.” He stopped his pacing and stared down at me.

“Fine. It is your fault. But you are my friend so I don’t care,” I told him. I was starting to get annoyed but I had to stay calm. William felt like he was to blame for my injuries and I wanted him to stop mopping.

He didn’t respond. Instead he walked over to the window and opened it. The warm, crisp air blew through the room. William’s dark hair fluttered around him, he turned and looked back at me. “If you say so.”

I shoveled the rest of the food on my plate into my mouth. My stomach felt uncomfortably full so I pushed the plate away. I didn’t know what I should say to William so I decided to ask him something I had wondered awhile ago, “Where are we?”

“Ravorn,” William told me. “We were practicing in the forest when the accident happened. I brought you to Malone but no one there could do anything to help you there. So you got transported here, I asked to go with you. Luckily Ravorn knew exactly what to do to heal you.”

I thought about that, I was in Ravorn and not in Malone. I had never been out of my home of Malone and the first time I left it I hadn’t even known it. “Did anyone else come with us to Ravorn?”

“Michelle,” he told me. “She wasn’t with us when it happened but she found us while I was carrying you to Malone and she said she wanted to help you.” That confused me, Michelle hated me. The fact that she had offered to help me was confusing. She never talked to William or me so why would she talk to him when I was… Unable to talk. Maybe the reason she didn’t talk to the both of us was because of me. I was always with William, me being hurt maybe gave her the chance to talk to him with out me.

“Why don’t you go see her. I’m going to go to sleep for a little,” I said. I wasn’t actually tired but I didn’t want him around anymore. Just thinking that Michelle liked him was weird to me.

William came to my side and kissed my cheek, “Sweet dreams. I’ll be back in a little.” He grabbed my hand and gave it a quick squeeze before he went out the door.

I lay in my bed all alone. I wasn’t feeling sleepy but I wanted to sleep just so that I could have something to do. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the pain that I felt. All that I could think of though was William. We were distantly related, that is why the two of us had special abilities. Nobody could find out how we were related but people in the family had passed it down. Even though both of us knew that we were related we couldn’t hide the fact that one time in our lives we had had feelings for each other.

I hated to think about the time that William and I had feelings for each other, those were the best times of my life. The only reason why we did not stay together though was that both of us could tell that we didn’t like each other as much as we should. Being friends for so long had given us an insight into how the other was feeling.

Being together though just wasn’t the thing for us. I guess you could say that we were to much alike to work well. In the case of love I believed opposites attract, all because of William.

Even though the two of us were not together anymore we both still had feelings for each other. Those feeling now were just friendship.

Thinking about William and keeping my eyes closed did help me get to sleep because sure enough I was starting to drift to sleep.

I was in the meadow again but this time I wasn’t alone. A man stood in front of me, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His hair was like spun gold, his eyes were like molten gold. With his light tan the man looked like an angel. I took a deep breath in, “Who are you.”

The man smiled at me, “I can’t tell you that.” My mouth fell open, his voice… It was the voice that was in my dream.

“Why can’t you tell me?” I whined. I felt like a child but it was a dream so it didn’t matter.

“Because that would make it too easy for you to find me,” he laughed. “I want for you to find me and not know.”

“When I find you I will know. I know what you look like. There can’t be that many people that… Look like you,” I told him. What I really wanted to say was not many people could look like him and be as handsome as him.

“How do you know that I really look like this?” He asked. He looked like he was enjoying this so much. It was as if he would be happy living the rest of his life just teasing me.

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