Future Soldier: Prolouge

October 27, 2010
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The dream always Started the same way...... He sat in his cell.Time Did not pass. In fact it seemed like People walking past him moved slower than the minute hand on the clock outside of his small room. He had beeen arrested three dfays before. No trial. No jury. He had been acused of killing his wife and daughter. He Hadn't. Or at leat he did not think that he had.
He remembered his wife looking at him with here hazel eyes. She had smiled at him though he was not sure why.everything was fuzzy from then on, like a dream that you had and u couldnt remember anything but small deatils. He remembered the blood.but now it was too late.
with so many people accusing him of the Grotesque deed he had come to the realization that maybe he had done it. But he had loved Sarah.
"Casius!" a Gaurd bellowed his name and interupted his train of thought,"You got a visitor."
A beast of a man came through the cell door.He had to slightly bend himself to get through the door.When succesfuly through the door Casius could get a clear look at the big mans face.He had a buzz cut that was starting to grow out a little and ge was very rugged.he had that five 'o' Clock shadow look about him.He sat down on the foot of the bed that Casius Had Chosen to Accomadate on for most of his time in the small cramped room. He motioned with his Hand for the Gaurd to leave and he did without a word. The man waited untill the door was shut and he was sure that noone was eavedropping.
"They gave you the death sentance huh"
"And who might you be"
"Straight to the cahse eh... Well i guess i could understand that. My name is not important but i have an offer for you Casius.
"No. I am sorry i wish that i could but i am not able to do that.No, what i offer you is a chnce at redemption." He materialized a sheet of paper from the pocket of his suit."By signing this you will agree to donate your body to my organization"
" And what might this organization be?"
"Untited States Weaopons And Defense Research Association or U.S.W.D.A. We want you to donate your body to a project we are working in and we need a specimen. By signing this u agree to let us use your body after you are decapitated.
"Like Expirementation?"
"Yes. Everyone else we have come too has refused."
"Can I ask exactly What you are going to do to my" he had to close his meyes to collect himself," my dead body"
"I could but i am afraid i cannot because of... unwanted ears."He motioned toward the door.
"Thank you and I promise that we will..."
"...But i have one condition."
"And what, pray tell might that be."
" Promise me that its quick."
.....and then he wakes up.However this time He did not wake up in the small cramped cell.

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