October 27, 2010
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There is a guy (me) with the power to make anything out of thin air. Actually, he has this clay like substance that only he can see and he molds it into whatever he needs or wants. He just makes the general shape and it appears just like that. He is also good, I mean very good, at parkcoer or urban running.
Today he jumped from a metal railing and said "time slow" and time slowed. He made a knife out of his substance (clay-gel) as he jumped and stabbed it into the roof of a building to use for climbing. As he took off, he thought,” I have to calculate the angle of the roof, the angle of my jump and the time it’s going to take in slow motion. If I jump too slowly then I miss the roof. If I jump too high I could totally miss the roof and go right over the building. Ultimate had discovered that his ‘time slow’ spell lasted only about a minute in real time so as soon as he made the jump, time was back to normal.
When he got to the top of the roof, he threw the knife into the air and said,” double” and it split into two knives. He then climbed up the wall in front of him using the knives. When he got to the top, he threw one of the knives into the roof just before the end of the roof. With the other knife in hand, he jumped off the roof. Immediately, he said, “ rope together” which made the knife in his hand attach to the knife stuck in the roof and make a rope that appeared in Ultimate’s hand where the knife was. He swung into the window three floors down in the building and as he broke through he said, “disappear” and all of what he made disappeared into nothing.
All this was done to get the good guy, Ultimate, into the room where the bad guys were holding his side kick, Athletic Boy. If Ultimate saved Athletic Boy, then the world was saved. If he didn’t, Athletic Boy died a horrible death.

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