The Rise of the Robots part VI: the night of melting glass

October 21, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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(2003 years after Axel incident)

2000-2003: Fire sprung forth from the dead ashes of the night. One by one, each robot rose and looked up to endless night. No soul and no compassion were shown to them in their metal cases except for the one whom they called Mother Relena. Her compassion was shown when she brought forth the “age of peace and promise”. For once, the robots rejoiced and then, he came, the star walker.

John Smith walked across the sky, going from planet to planet, seeking happiness for he and some others. From New Earth to Typhon and even back to the dying Mars, he searched for some one to love, and someone to love him. His empty cyborg soul wept for the loneliness that he felt. After three years of wandering in and out of society, he came to a stop back on New Earth.

“I will make peace for all the United Planet Alliance.” Ms. Relena said, “We shall have what my father wanted for us all before he died, peace and prosperity!”

Across the globe, millions of people clapped. Soldiers that were once fighting were now home and celebrating. John Smith smiled and walked away from the town square where he was. Ms. Relena was only the pseudonym of what she really was, she was the first bride to a robot. Sammy, as she called him, was his bride. Once this marriage was in place, the new alliance between man and machine began to prosper. New robots, better robots were built (most were used for the force labor trade). And now, there was nothing that could go wrong in this prosperous year.

The humans were dead wrong.

Relena’s father was assassinated three years ago. Terrorists bombed a building that he was in and so, he was no more. This sparked many concerns over which robots should or should not be used to protect humans. Bringing the concern to the beard of chiefs, Relena proposed the doctrine and asked that everyone vote for the doctrine. Winning at a vote of 546-2, the council made every robot take the combat course and pass. Every robot except one. Daisy was her name. Often, she passed time looking into the stars and wishing for a better life in which she could escape to. It was here that two robots met for the same time, John smith (a cyborg) and Daisy. Thinking that he fell in love, he and daisy began to pass time by in which they shared their views on the way the universe was ran. Then daisy was erased.

2004: the year that followed would be the end of the humans as everyone knew it to be. Days after Daisy was erased, Ms. Relena placed on the computer a virus that would for ever change history. It was the order 567 virus in which it made all robots shut down. But then something happened that she didn’t expect, an old friend (John Smith) rewrote the virus and put on the most deadly virus, the 555 virus or the robots rebel against humans virus. That night, every planet glowed with flames as mushroom clouds rose on every continent and every piece of land on all the planets. The end for humans had come. Robots now had vocabulary and they now had the strength of 20 men put together. Nothing could stop them as they obeyed “Father John’s” command. In short, only a few humans survived.

John Smith walked into the capsule that would launch him into space. His biological structure indicated that he had a small cut on his finger. Stepping up to the cockpit, he aimed the capsule upwards and pressed the red button. Earth descended below him as he fell asleep in the stars. Then, for the next 3000 years, he fell away, becoming the child of the stars.

Coming soon:
The Fall of the Humans (the last installment of the robot trilogy)

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