Typical Day

October 20, 2010
By SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
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My eyelids open as my internal alarm rattles my body and nearly takes my head off my neck. I let out a weary groan while pressing the button on my arm which was forcefully sewn into two hundred and sixty four years ago. The vibrating seizes and I am left with my ears ringing, my vision blurred, and my limbs in a wobble. I grab my wooden cane, leaning heavily on it I stumble towards the water mirror. The millions of droplets placed together to form my reflection. A flare of bright lights flashes, momentarily blinding me. I feel the slick pieces of clothing before I see the full body suit plastered on my body. I collapse on my bed. The action of simply getting up drains all the energy out of me. I use my last effort to grab the breakfast pill I laid out yesterday. Shoving the pill into my mouth, I chug it down with a glass of water, feeling my stomach fill up within seconds. My frail bones creak as I strain myself to move towards the door. With a silent whoosh, the door slides open embracing me with the breath-taking view of the morning. The fluffy clouds drift slowly past my window, as the water beneath me shimmers reflecting of the aligned sun and moon rays. The stars are as bright as flickering flames in a blanket of darkness. They are just beyond my reach when I stretch my searching fingers towards them. My thoughts are interrupted when my Robotreiver gives me a warning bark, its tail wagging to seize my attention. My watch beeps 14:74 am. Cold sweat drenches my forehead as I remember the last time I was late for school. My shaking hands push the button implanted in my skull, my finger print is scanned and I feel the familiar rumbling. My shelter is folded into neat squares and stuffed into a suitcase where it disintegrates and lands on the ship below with the other pile of sacks. The bubble that surrounds me and my home is being shaped by invisible hands, morphing its shape into a vehicle, with that I am flown with the speed of light to my destination. I am fifteen minutes late when my bubble halts and plummets me to the ground in front of a silver tube. I snap three times and the bubble disintegrates. I am left all alone on the only piece of land that has not sunk, on a land with no nature. The silence around me is overwhelming. Not a single noise was heard. I shake my head and clamber onto the lip of the tube. Squeezing my eyes shut, I slide into the tube. I whiz pass the entryways and the lava surrounding the chutes gave me all the more to worry about. I land in a pile of old metal waste scraping my entire body with cuts. I limp towards the underground school’s main entrance; I compare the scenery from above. Up above, the earth’s crust is baking in the sun, frying it to crisp while in the earth’s core, the temperature is perfect. I arrive at the doors letting out pants my breath caught in my throat; I lean over trying to stop the blood from pounding in my ears. The school bell rings and the students rush past me without a single glance of recognition. “Good morning sir, Good morning miss.” I hear myself murmur over and over like a broken record.

My thoughts begin to wander. I still remember the days when food was solid, when Mother Nature roamed the earth, when people passed away once God decides that it is time for one to join Him back in heaven. My life has been a haze, days change into weeks into months then years, and just like that, a century has passed. I have no complaints about my life now, though the eternal life I would give second thoughts. On the other hand, my rulers probably would not understand why eternal life is so bad. They changed the law when the world came to an end. They wiped out the human nation keeping a few as slaves.

I flinch as a hand grabs hold of my arm, the iron grip tightening as I am lead into a secured room. Two robocuritiy guards stand at each entrance, motionless as if becoming a lifeless statue. “Good morning sir, Good morning miss.” The robots did not give me even a wave of acknowledgment. I am liberated from the clutches of the robot, the blood slowly flowing back through my veins. I slide into the lone chair in the center of the room. I close my eyes; a feeling of calmness and tranquility washes over me yet as I hear footsteps march in through the door the feeling disappears. My head begins to pound; my palms become slick with sweat, my heart is pumping blood ten times then its average rate. My fingertips are white as I press my nails into my palms. The robot stares at me, its face a mask with no expression. He whips a needle out of his lab coat and injects the liquid into my leg. I feel the pain before I see my leg rot and decay in front of my eyes. The putrid smell of burning flesh floods the air as I see the nano-bytes swallowing chunks and chunks of my flesh. I grit my teeth in pain, tears streaming down my face. The man is typing furiously down on his i-gram, hologram. By then, my leg was ripped apart into shred, my bones clearly visible. I swallow as a wave of nauseousness hits me, “Help! Please, help!” I moan as my outstretched hand claws the air. Black dots tinge the edges of my vision, red dots dance in front of my eyes, and with that I fall unconscious.

My eyelids open as my internal alarm rattles my body and nearly takes my head off my neck. I let out a weary groan while pressing the button on my arm, as the vibrating seizes I am left with my ears ringing, my vision blurred, and my limbs in a wobble. The agonizing pain in my leg causes it to twitch. I heave a sigh, a typical day. I remember the man’s emotionless face as he stabbed me with the needle. To them, we humans will always just be toys. They will never understand.

The author's comments:
Year 2531, your life will be changed forever.

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finding.blue said...
on Oct. 28 2010 at 10:38 pm
finding.blue, Markham, Other
0 articles 0 photos 13 comments

What a twist that is involved in the story! Something that was made with our very own hands has turned upon us to make us into their puppets to play with. An amazing job!



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