Third-floor bedroom

October 14, 2010
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I looked out my open window. The sun was shining but the wind was howling like a starved wolf. I started thinking about how wind was created but soon stopped. Back to algebra homework I told myself. If I didn’t get this assignment done my teacher would hate me more then he already did. I don’t know why he dislikes me, I mean maybe I zone out in his class occasionally but that’s no reason to HATE me.
I gazed around my room, the place was a mess. My walls were covered by the many pictures of safari animals I had drawn in World History and English class. The floor was scattered with the sketches of vines I had tried to portray for an upcoming school art show. My bed wasn’t made and my awful crow wallpaper was peeling. Yes, I know. CROW wallpaper. The terrible wallpaper was disgusting; it was just pictures of crow after crow after crow, it wasn’t even a pattern. We have lived in this house for a whole three months now and I still haven’t gotten rid of it. This is why I don’t have friends over….and because I don’t really have any friends.
I thought about life. I thought about how much easier it would be if I just lived in my own world-with my drawings. Apparently, that’s not an option. The only place I can escape is my room on the third floor. I went to sleep thinking of this.
When I woke up I noticed that it was still night. When I started to drift back to sleep I heard a bird chirping-no-I heard a bird cawing. I snapped awake like lightning. The wallpaper was peeling off the wall-no-the crows were peeling off the wallpaper! Was I dreaming? One flew by and I felt the wind from its wings. This was real.
The birds began to swarm in the middle of my room. Their wings flapped maniacally and the full moon glistened off their feathers. The ground began to dance as my vine drawings started to grow. My walls shook as the animals jumped of their pages. And suddenly, at no moment in particular, my room had transformed. It was now a wild and uncontrollable forest.
A sudden burst of cold air sent shivers up and down my spine. My mouth went dry. I blinked. The jungle was still there. I glanced around. My entire room was woodland-the only part of my room that was still intact was the window. The open window. A light bulb flashed in my head. Something clicked and I knew what had happened. The wild had flowed into my bedroom. The whole reason my room was coming alive was because of the open window! All I had to do was shut it. All I had to do was fight my way through forty tons of vicious, untrained animals and a menacing rain forest. And then I realized I was doomed.
I began to run but the swarm followed me, the animals began to notice me as well. They growled at me. I saw a nice looking tree without any crows in it and quickly climbed it. When I found a good, sturdy branch to sit on I looked down. The animals seemed confused-it was like they didn’t know where I was, they dispersed into the woods. I was almost positive they had seen me climb up there but I guess they didn’t. I sat up there, planning on what to do next. I couldn’t stay up there forever; I had no food and zero water. Climb down and take my chances? Or stick up in safety until I die of dehydration?

I slipped on my way down. I screamed and shut my eyes as I plummeted toward the hard ground. My life flashed before me, I realized I had wasted it. I’m not real religious, but I was praying like a saint by now.

I landed with a thump and saw I wasn’t dead. Alive! But when I looked at the window, it had vanished. My heart sunk. The window was gone and I was still trapped in this wilderness. Forever.

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