The Rise of the Robots Part V

October 11, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The Rise of the Robots Part V: The never ending waltz (part I)
2000+ years after Axel incident

Relena looked at the battlefield in front of her. Land that was once green meadows were now mud piles of carcasses and rusty weapons. Far across the horizon, she could see dozens of “dolls” (giant robots that men control from the inside) fighting. Lasers flew through the air and explosions echoed across the sky. Gazing away, she looked at the control room in which she was in. Her father looked at the five robots that had come down from space and smiled at each one.

“Gentlemen” He spoke, “You all were invented by some of the best scientists around. It was in their (or your own) best interests to help end the war that has raged on now fro seven years.”

All the robots looked at each other. John Smith, who Relena first met, looked like a boy was in his late teens to early twenties. His brown hair was messy and flopped everywhere. He had puppy dog brown eyes and pale skin. All in all, he was a very muscular boy. The second, Yuko, had bleach white hair with pale yellowish skin and black eyes. He was slim and slightly muscular but, he was very smart. The third, Sam (Relena called him Sammy) had brown hair that extended in a braided pony tail, down his back. His tan skin and very muscular body made Relena have feelings fro him. He was a very good engineer who could repair anything (even a girl’s broken heart). The fourth was a kid who was short and slim. His blonde hair was neatly combed and his blue eyes resembled stars on a cloudless night. His name was Edgar and he was the brains of the group. Maxing at a 250 IQ, he was an asset to the entire group. Finally, the lat one was name Doug. He was a very big and burly man who was obviously a very muscular man with a rugged face and cold heart. Black eyes scanned the others with distaste, except Relena. He was a very good battle strategist who could “win any battle you put me in” or so he said.

Turning her focus away from the robots and to the battle outside, Relena felt the heat of the battle within her bosom.

“Why must there always be violence?” She thought, “all the planets want what’s best for them, why can’t we just talk it out?”

Suddenly, the control room began to shake violently. Looking up, she saw that a formation of bombers had barely scratched the surface of the roof of the control room. Blue lasers shot from the bombers and headed for the group of the fighting robots. Suddenly, the horizon was filled with fire as she heard voices over the radio of the soldiers in the fight.

“Yeah take that you Jerks!”

“Wahoo! Way to go control!”

Sighing, she looked at her father, who was busily talking to the robots.

“Hey Relena” A voice said.

Looking to her side, she saw that Sammy was there.

“Hello, Sammy.” She said.

Leaning back against the window, Sammy began to talk to Relena. Time passed by, endlessly as Relena and Sammy talked on endlessly about politics, love, and many other subjects. John Smith watched on, jealously as she laughed and he laughed.

“I’ve never been loved.” He thought as he walked off, “Good job, ‘Sammy’”

Walking past the other robots, John exited into the hallway and walked on, slowly. Loneliness filled his robotic soul as he walked on for eternity. Brushing past guards, colonels, generals, and other miscellaneous people, he looked around.

“John” He heard.

Looking back, he saw that Doctor Kay was leaning up against a wall.

“Yes, doctor?” John asked.

Doctor Kay looked at him.

“You’re jealous aren’t you? You’re jealous of Relena and Sam?” He asked.

Nodding, John looked down at his feet.

“Jealously is a never enduing waltz.” Doctor Kay said.

“How do I get rid of it?” John asked.

Doctor Kay looked at him and said:

“It’s all in human nature; you can’t get rid of jealously.”

Suddenly, the control room shook violently as alarms blared loudly.

“We’re under attack!” A general shouted.

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