A day in the life of Edwin Callum

October 8, 2010
“Wow! Uranus is huge!” I shouted.
“Edwin Antonio Mason Callum! My butt is not that big!” my mother shouted at me.
“ Of course not mother, I talking about the planet, not your butt,” I gagged.
“Oh, well yes it is rather large, isn't it?” she smiled.
“ Yes, mum,” I mumbled before looking back at the spectacular view in front of me.
It was breathtaking really, here I was looking at Uranus, the 4th most massive planet in the solar system, and it was reality. It had always been a dream of mine to see all the planets when I was young. I had wanted to be an astronaut, but when the epidemic hit and around 98% of the worlds population became zombies when I was 13, my dreams flew out of the window, because almost everyone was a zombie. I know not very realistic, I didn't even believe it for the longest time, but when your best friend since fourth grade tries to take a snap at you, you know something up.
The only ones left were immune, luckily the U.S. started a project at the first signs of the epidemic. Anyhow we left earth, and now wander aimlessly through space, and now at 16, I Edwin Antonio Mason Callum am seeing Uranus! Sure, I had seen all the other planets along the way too but this was the one I had been waiting for. Earth was just a nightmare, that I would rather not see. Mars was okay I guess, being all red, and there was even some talk about settling there because there was supposed to be water there. Jupiter was huge, and the storm that's been known to exist since the 17th century was really cool too. Saturn's rings had been amazing but unfortunately we had to be pretty far away just to be safe that we wouldn't hit anything. Now seeing Uranus I knew I could die a happy man, though I still kind wanted to see Neptune because it was like the 'God of Space' (God of the Sea). When I was in third grade and still played make-believe I was always Neptune and no I was not the 'god of the sea' I was the 'god of space'. I had been a very odd kid when I was growing up is all I am saying.
“Edwin!” my mother shouted, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Where is your brother? I haven't seen him all day,” my mother asked me.
“ I don't know. Do you want me to go find him?” I asked her.
“Thanks can you find your sister to?”
“Sure, mom,” I said gritting my teeth.
I loathe my siblings and we all loathe one another. REASON WHY: our names.
Its not normal sibling banter either its like shredding my homework, dyeing my sisters clothing, and a few well aimed kicks at my brother's x-box 360. Tedwin, Edwin, and Alwin, 'Because we're a wining family!'. We got dissed soo much in school, I mean seriously you name your kids Tedwin, Edwin, and Alwin!? So naturally we hate each others guts and destroy each others most prised possessions when ever we get mad at each other. But the funny thing is that we know each other so well, I know and am willing to bet 20 dollars that Tedwin is still a sleep even though its eleven o'clock and Alwin is still picking out her outfit for today even though she got up at nine. So I totally blew off 'finding' them and went to go find Frank.
Frank had been my best friend since the epidemic hit. He had saved my life countless times, and wanted nothing in return. He was 16 when we met. Shane, my best friend, and I were walking home from school, though it was very awkward considering he had tried to bite me mere hours ago at lunch. We were walking along the sidewalk when suddenly, Shane plowed me into a dark alley and started to try to eat me, again. I started to throw wild punches at him, because there was no way I was going to be eaten alive in a dark alley, that was such a lame way to die. It became apparent I was fighting a losing battle, when one of my wild throws landed in his mouth. I tried to pulled away quickly but I was to slow, and my pinky, most of my ring finger, and half of my middle finger were no more. I screamed in agony, and pulled my hand back to cradle it in my other hand, as I watched my best friend since the 4th grade chew my fingers slowly in pleasure. We were soooo not friends anymore. I ran screaming my head off into the open, not a good idea though considering over half the town were zombies and and the other half were mostly dead, before they even got the chance to catch the virus. I was soon being chased by around 17 zombies with no other humans in sight, when a hummer came crashing down the road shooting and running over zombies. They stopped abruptly and yelled at me to get in when they reached where I was, despite the fact that there were a few straggling zombies who were still running down the street. I got in with no questions still cradling my arm. Needlessly to say it was Frank who was driving the car and we were friends ever since.
Frank, being an adult now, worked in the 'weapons room' though I saw no need whatsoever for weapons considering we were the only humans known to be alive and out in space. But if there was a man for the job it would be Frank.
“ Hey, Eddie,” Frank smiled as I walked in to the weapons room.
“ Don't call me that,” I hated it when he called me that.
“ Aww... but it such a good name,” he whined.
“ Maybe if I was four years old, like you,” I snapped at him.
“ Ouch. You wound me Edwin, you wound me,” he faked a hurt expression.
“ I hate you, you know that?”
“ Really, you wound me, my emotional scaring will never cease to exist,” he fake cried.
“ Stop being a drama queen, an tell me how Mixie's doing,” I said annoyed.
His face lit up and he started grinning like an idiot like he always does when ever someone mentions her name. Mixie was his girlfriend of about two years now, and they were totally in love, which was why I always visited him at work because when they were together in was just disgusting. I actually really like Mixie too, but she worked in the nursery and all the babies loved me for some reason, and even though they were cute, being barfed on repeatedly wasn't too fun.
“ She's great!...” he rambled on as I tuned him out.
“ That's great Frank,” I said.
“ I know,” he smiled stupidly.
“ So, what are you working on today?” I asked.
“ Knives.”
“ Really? That is so sick! Can I have one?” I asked hurriedly.
“ I don't think your mom would approve,” he smiled.
“ Since when have you ever cared what anyone thought or approved of?” I asked questioningly.
“ Umm...well there was that one time...no... but then again.....no.....wait know that I think about it I think I...... no...,” he muttered then looked up at me smiling,” you know what your right! I never have!”
“ Yes, I everyone knows you've never grown up,” I smiled.
“ Hey!”
“ I speak the truth and only the truth,” I vowed.
“ Oh yeah? Then did you or did you not burn your sister, Alwin's clothes and blame Tedwin?” he asked smirking evilly.
“ Yes,” I sighed in defeat.
“ Yes!” he did a victory dance and waved a tape recorder in the air.
“ You didn't!” I shouted.
“ Oh yes I did!”
“ I am going to to kill you!” I shouted.
“ You wound me once again, Eddie!” he cried.
“ Give it to me!”
“ No! I think your siblings will find it very interesting to hear your confession,” he smiled and bolted out the door.
“ Come back here!” I shouted running after him.

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