Blood Shadows:Resurrection by Folashade Kehinde

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

On October 31,1999. Ashley Geller, daughter of Allegra Geller, is bitten by Ysandre., three weeks later, It’s Claire’s birthday. Claire Davners wakes up at morning. “Dear, Claire, there’s Something wrong with Morganville, Texas, I has a secret.” Said Aislinn. Claire meets a best friend named Aslinn, The Summer Queen of Faerie. “We need your help, Ashley is Dead.” Said Aslinn. Aislinn talks Claire tells the story about Ashley Geller. “who is Ashley Geller?” said Claire. “the Daughter of Allegra Geller.” Said Aslinn. Claire meets a Boyfriend named Shane Collins. “I’m Sorry.” Said Claire. Claire and Shane are having Kissing. “I Give your Present.” Said Shane. “Thank you.” Said Claire. Claire Opens their Present, and cut his Fingers. “ah, Papercut.” Said Claire. Francois sees Claire’s Blood. “I see his blood.” Said Francois. Claire having a nightmare of Ashley, she tries to kill Claire. “are you right.” Said Aislinn. “yes.” Said Claire. “here’s drink this, you make feel better.” Said Aislinn. “thanks.” Said Claire. “take my hand and feel the powers.” Said Aislinn. Claire becomes a Witch of Morganville. “I am a witch.” Said Claire. Shane meets a Vampire named Ashley Geller. “My name is Ashley Geller.” Said Ashley. “Kiss Me.” Said Ashley. Ashley and Shane are Having kissing at the pool. Ashley’s Blood drips in the water. At midnight, Claire using the cell phone and texts Eve, Michael and Aislinn. “you are dead.” Said Claire. Claire meets Eve, Michael, Monica and Seth and tells about Ashley. “who’s Ashley.” Said Eve. “a Vampire.” Said Claire. Claire has a secret that Shane becomes a Vampire. “We need your help, Claire.” Said Ysandre. “Shane is gone.” Said Ysandre. Claire and Ysandre are going to Italy. “there we is,Shane.” Said Ysandre. “No.” Said Claire. Claire stops Shane until he Dies. “Relax, Claire, if somebody gets hurt, a little.” Said Ashley. Ashley using the Telekinetic powers and attacks Claire. Finally, Ashley sucks Claire’s blood and becomes a vampire. “No”. said Ysandre. Ysandre tries to fight Ashley Geller and until she dies. “Claire,are you Okay.” Said Eve. “Sam.” Said Eve. Michael helps Aislinn that Claire Dies by Ashley Geller. Aislinn using the Healing powers and to heal Claire. “Claire.” Said Queen Serena. Claire meets a Faerie Queen named Serena, Mother of Aislinn. “Oh,Claire can you hear me.” Said Serena. Serena Begins to crying and tears is streaming down in my eyes. Serena using the Healing tears and to Heal Claire. At Hospital,Claire Wakes up at morning. “Happy Birthday,Claire.” Said Eve. “Who do you feel.” Said Eve. “great.” Said Claire. “I Brought your present.” Said Michael. “oh,The iPod Touch,thank you. Said Claire. At Claire’s House, Claire dresses as Prom at Claire’s Sweet 17 birthday. “Claire, are you ready.” Said Claire’s mom. “Coming.” Said Claire. Claire meets a vampire named Brandon. “you look so Beautiful.” Said Brandon. “thank you.” Said Claire. Claire and Brandon are going to Sweet 17 birthday at College. “Claire,I Glad you back.”said Monica. “I brought the cake.” Said Monica. Claire makes a wish and blow the Candles. After the Birthday, Claire and Shane are having Kissing. “ I wanna be with your forever.” Said Claire. “are you ready.” Said Brandon. “yes.” Said Claire. Brandon sucks Claire’s Blood. “do you believe in love?”said Brandon. “for Now.” Said Claire. “Me too.” Said Claire. Ysandre sees Claire’s Blood. “Blood, I’ve been waiting for you.” Said Ysandre.

The author's comments:
based on the novels By Melissa marr and Rachel Caine.

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