Extermanation Kansas

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Mike, Andy, Charlie, Tod, and Edd were sweeping the area of all the hostiles. But you see these were no ordinary hostiles, they were maggot filled living dead corpses with death in their eyes, if they had eyes. They had to clear the rest of the area before the chopper arrived in thirty seconds. The LZ couldn’t be too hot for when the chopper picked them up. There were too many to clear in thirty seconds. Mike threw a grenade. Then the numbers really narrowed down. There was only two or three left. Mike took one and Charlie took the other. The chopper had then finally arrived.
Now our boys could rest their eyes kick back and relax in the helicopter. Then as they looked around they realized that this helicopter wasn’t an evacuation chopper it was a briefing helicopter. Then Mike reached out and grabbed a folder. He read the mission briefing with immense focus. Their mission is to find a scientists home and send a file from the scientists’ computer to the White House, then clear the rest of the infected in the area. The file had supposedly contained a cure for the zombie virus. This file had to be sent quickly before the infection went past Kansas state boarders.
The Squad had then evacuated the chopper in the town of Manhattan. The Squad must search the east side of Manhattan. Then when or if the cure is found the squad had to go to the Manhattan High School West campus football field for evacuation. The Squad must be together in order to leave.
Squad one was searching through the east side for any zombies in the area. There was no sign of infected corpses anywhere. Then suddenly a loud scream and a gunshot rang out from the north. The squad quickly ran to where the scream had come from.
The squad arrived to see a zombie lying on the ground. Next to the zombie stood a young woman, late teens early twenties holding a Smith and Wesson with blood on her shirt. The men had been surprise with what they saw. Then Mike thought to himself, she looks familiar. He pulled the file out of his equipment bag. Of course! It was the scientists’ daughter.
They needed to go to the scientists’ house if they wanted to make it to the chopper. They left immediately asking the daughter the way to the house. The Squad had then got on the high way to go to Manhattan where the house was located.
Mike, Andy, Charlie, Tod, and Edd were heading to the house when all of sudden a loud pop rang through the vast wasteland. The car went out of control then swerved into a ditch. The van had been completely destroyed. All of sudden Mike opened his eyes to see shattered glass everywhere and smoke. Mike then awoke completely to realize what happened. He slowly crawled out of the vehicle.
He had taken a look around. He then looked in the SUV to see if any his squad survived, none had survived. Mike had looked down at the ground and saw his weapon. As he picked up his weapon he heard a door open. He then peeked around the vehicle with his gun at the ready. He then saw the daughter stuck on her seatbelt. He put his gun on safety and pulled out his knife then cut the seatbelt then helped her out of the van.

“Are you alright?” Mike said.

“Yeah just a bit shaken.” said the daughter.

“Well we must continue.” Mike said.

“Roger.” said the daughter.
He handed her a pistol. Then they started towards the house. Within thirty minutes they were at the farmhouse. Mike kicked in the door and woodchips went everywhere. No signs of any infected so far. They went into the cobweb and bat filled basement were the computer was located. Mike turned it on. Mike read on the screen password required.

Mike had a feeling that was going to happen. Mike asked his partner if she knew. She tried everything ranging from anniversaries to old pets. Then it finally came to her if this wasn’t it then who knows what. She put in M-A-R-I-E her name of course! They were in finally in.

Mike sent the file it was time to leave. He then looked at his watch. They only had twenty-three minutes to get to the evacuation Point. That wasn’t nearly enough time especially with no vehicle. Marie led him up the stairs into the garage where a big silver truck was parked.

They had to get to that football field and quick. They were on the same street of the school when all of a sudden two shots shattered there back window. Mike looked in the rear view mirror to see two men on horses? Mike just thought for a moment. He then ordered Marie to take the wheel. He shot at the two men and missed. The cowboys shot once and hit mike in the arm causing Mike to drop his gun. The gun fired and hit the cowboy in the arm and falls off. The impact of the cowboys’ head hitting pavement killed him. The other cowboy stopped to help his fallen friend.

Then Mike heard the voice of the chopper pilot.

“Alpha I am at bingo fuel you have thirty seconds to get here before dust-off.”

“Roger that were almost to the LZ.” Mike said.

Mike and Marie made it to the evacuation point barely. They had started to climb the ladder. As soon as Mike was on board he was helping Marie up then the helicopter shifted knocking Marie of the ladder. Luckily Mike had her hand and helped her up. They were safe for now.

Then several hours later after stop for fuel the helicopter had finally landed in Washington D.C. in front of a testing center. It was time to see if the cure for the infection worked. The scientists had the formula and a test subject ready. They injected the zombie with the formula. With in the first thirty seconds nothing happen. Then after sixty seconds the zombie fell, and rolled its self in a ball. Then its skin started to bubble. Then it the test specimen got up.

It looked normal acted normal. They then let the test specimen out of the test room. He walked towards the scientists and doctors. With a handout like he was getting ready to shake there hands. A doctor held his arm out. The test subject grabbed his hand and calmly shook it.

“It works” the doctor said with great emotion.

All of a sudden the doctor felt a bite on his arm. The doctor turned to see a chunk of skin missing from his arm. The rest of the room was in total awe as Mike killed the two of the newly infected.
Mike looked in total anger with a red face. The cure didn’t work. He had done all that hard work, for nothing.
Mike thought to himself: The next move is…unknown so to say.

The End

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