I Wish I'd Had a Normal Life

October 2, 2010
You think that being government controlled freak is cool, don't you will not if you lived a day with being one. If you were lucky, like me,Kylei Jones, you would have been human once in your life.
I was the envy of other girls, look were that got me, I went to a party and someone slipped beer in the punch. I was allergic to beer, I had no idea that drinking it wounld ruin my life. So there I was standing by my boyfriend we were drinking the beer/punch and all of a sudden my B/F screamed like a girl. I looked at him and said" WHAT!!!!" By the look on his face I could it wasn't good.I ran to the bathroom and cut my arm on a painted piece of glass by accident. The beer had my face swollen up as big as a pumpkin! I was about to go back out to get my phone when a medic grabbed me and rushed me to an ambulance. When we got to the hospital, they found out that there had been beer in the punch. I was scared. They let me out that night, so I went home. I looked in the mirror again, my skin had almost a yellow tint to it, it was almost unnoticeable. I went to bed and when I woke up i felt lighter than usual. I jumped out of bed and ran to a mirror what I saw was unbelieveable. I WAS A MONSTER!! A small yellow monster. I grabed a jacket and ran to the hospital. Luckily no one noticed me.
They ran tests on me for weeks finally they found whet they had been look ing for, titanium dioxide, it is found in paint! I told then I had cut my arm on a painted piece of glass. The chemical recation must have caused this.
I was sent to the government monster jail.My parents were told that I went to the ER that morning with chest problems and didn't make it an hour, they were told I went peacefully.
My room was small, well perfect for me, it wasn't uncomforable it was kinda homey. The doors opened suddenly they led into a big room with a chair in the middle. I walked up to the chair and sat down. I saw a red and blue bug crawling on the floor. I was about to squash it when I headr a deep voice yell "DON"T!". Startled, I jumped out of the chair and yelled " Who was that?" in the biggest voice I could get. "It was him", I heard a high pitched voice say. I thought that was the bug, but then this huge big foot-looking thing walked in. "Jason said that" the squeaky voice said. "That is correct Jumbo", yelled the deep voice,the bug, Jason. This place just kept getting weirder and weirder. I loved it!. I intorduced myself. We became close friends over the weeks.
One day, I finally see a human.
The human explained that we must be kept away from society becauuse we could be dangerous. I was gonna have to stay here forever! For weeks on end after that I worked on a cure for myself. After three years, I managed to find something that would work. I drank it and showed the general. Amazingly my body was back to normal!
I found my old B/F and he nearly freaked. Then I realized, I'm supposed to be dead. So I went to another state to start a new life. It was great. I got a job and found another man. We fell in love and were married. After two months, I got pregnant. I went into labor right on time. The first and last time I saw my baby, she was a tiny yellow monster!

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_Rose_Red_ said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 5:32 pm
Ok you guysi know it's bad, just tell me what YOU think!!!!!!!!
gummi_bear97 said...
Oct. 11, 2010 at 11:44 am
This is my only story so tell me if it is good and please comment!
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