The Rise of the Robots Part IV

September 30, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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The Rise of the Robots Part IV

2000+ years after Axel incident

L (now known as john smith) looked out the front window of the large troop ship as the ship descended to the battlefield, below. Touching his arm, Relena looked t her father.
“Father” She asked, “Why are we so close to the battle?”
Her father sighed and looked at John and Relena.
“This is Project Asimov.” He spoke, “Three years ago, I assembled together a team of scientist that worked at different satellites to create Artificial Life, robots that looked like humans. Originally, there were only suppose to be four but now with John, we have five.”
“Is that a dilemma?” John asked.
“Yes and no. When Doctor Kay told us that you were becoming human, I knew that you would fit into society, one day. But I can’t bear the public opinion if I reveal that you are a robot.”
“Why not?”
Relena looked at him.
“Robots are supposed to not be involved with humans what so ever. So, we need to keep you a secret until you are truly human, then we can tell the world who you are.” She said.
“What about the other robots that landed?” John asked, “Do they look like me?”
“Yes and no. They have pale blue eyes; you have brown so you will probably fit in with us.” Relena’s father spoke.
The ship landed just as the ground to their left erupted in a column of dirt and flames. Looking at the pilot, John heard him yell.
Opening the hatchway, he jumped to the ground below. Running at full speed, he dodged shrapnel that flew through the air. Suddenly, the land in front of him sprung up in flames. Running forward, john flew through the flames
“John!” some one called, “Jump!”
It was Relena. Recognizing the voice, he jumped forward and landed on top of a metal pod. The land around was aflame as he banged three times on the pod. Suddenly, the pod fell into a thousand tiny pieces. Jumping off of the pieces, John found himself looking at an almost carbon copy of himself. The boy had the same build as John but he instead wore a blue sleeveless shirt and black shorts. His hair was bleach white and extended over his pale blue eyes. Suddenly, the boy shot up in the air and landed next John.
“Hello” The boy said, “Where do you want me?”
Gazing around, John saw the red robots approaching towards them. Pointing in the direction of the tall red robots, he barely said:
Suddenly, the boy took off running towards the robots. Within seven minutes, the boy had destroyed all the robots, except for one. The tall robot snuck up on the boy just as John picked up a metal pole and threw it like a javelin. Hitting the robot in the chest, the pole sunk in and caused the robot to shake violently before blowing up. The boy looked at him.
“Thanks” He said.
“Any time.”
“Now let’s go fight a war!”

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