In This World. Prologue

September 25, 2010
By Torex BRONZE, Bryson City, North Carolina
Torex BRONZE, Bryson City, North Carolina
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A king who believes he shall rule his land forever is destined for defeat. While a king who know he will one day be defeated is destined for victory.

Earlier today i realized. In this world we all feel so safe. We feel nothing can end the happiness we experience. We feel our worlds are surrounded by light. Although i know the truth. This world is nothing it seems. Just a weak ago i was human. Surrounded by my dreams of light and happiness. What a fool i was! Now i know this world is nothing but darkness and shadows. Now i am here. Looking at you from the other side of the room. Watching you sleep. I stare hungry. I can see every beat of your heart. I am sorry that when you awaken. The light will be gone. The sun shall exile you. Your human family will be nothing but food. Yet the darkness will welcome you. It will cover you. You will embrace it. Turn into the creature you wish to be. For sorrow awaits your remaining years. Finishing my thoughts i then leaned down and sunk my fangs into his neck. He shivered but then gave in. I drained him dry and then gave him my own blood. Before i left through the window i closed the curtain and locked his door. I then turned one last time before leaving and said. "Forgive me for the give i have bestowed upon you".

The author's comments:
This is a story i have made about a vampire turned in his sleep. I hope you enjoy it! PS: this is only the prologue to the series.

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