the Tale of the Robots Part IV Jay

September 17, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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Order number 325: all robots must clean up the Earth so that humans may live on it once more.
200 years after Axel incident

Explosions rocked the sky as the sock puppet robot ran. Dirt flew through the air while the giant walkers fired their bullets in aimless directions. Walking on three legs, the giant round walker heads scanned the barren battlefield for any other robots.

“Run!” Jay yelled to his comrades.

Suddenly, three other sock puppet robots popped up out of now where and began to run along side of Jay. Jay, was battle scarred and burned, looked around.

“Where’s Tea?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Gee yelled.

Spotting an old well that was dead ahead, Jay motioned to the others to follow him. Lunging forward, Jay grabbed hold of a rope and slid down. Flames followed the puppets as they slid down the well. Slamming on the ground, all the puppets looked around.

“We’re trapped!” Gee said.

Suddenly, there was a cry in the air. Looking up, Jay saw that one of the giant walkers had grabbed hold of one puppet who was dressed in a red and blue striped jumper.

“Help me!” Tea shouted, “Please Jay, help!”

Reaching into his pocket, Jay grabbed a small ball and threw it at the machine. Swatting the ball away, the machine turned its focus on Tea. The ball exploded and a small green force field erupted. Barely touching the machine, the force field then disintegrated.

“Help!” Tea shouted.

Suddenly, a light blue light illuminated around Tea. Closing his eyes, Jay felt the heat from the blue flame touch his skin. Looking up, he saw that Tea was gone along with Lee.

It’s coming for us! Gee yelled.

Grabbing another ball, Jay watched as the walker reached down for him and Gee. Tossing his ball at the walker, Jay watched as the green force field struck the Walker. Green lightning rocked the Walker as it shook violently. Suddenly, the cockpit of the head exploded and the only sign of movement from the Walker was that of the leg that was stuck in the well.

“The war is over.” Jay sighed.

Helping Gee to her feet, Jay and her walked up the leg and exited. The barren wasteland was extensive. No life and no signs of life were present. Smiling, he turned to Gee and said:

“We are the last robots on Earth.

And we get to tell the humans that.”

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