Shades of Gray -- Chapter One

September 5, 2010
By -Annie- BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
-Annie- BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
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"Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is."

I was lying in the tall grass, watching the white, puffy clouds float across the crystal clear sky. A soft breeze began to blow, rustling the grass, lulling me asleep in the perfect day...

I jumped up with a start; I must've fallen asleep! I searched the sky, only to see the sun setting over the horizon, sending an array of colors reaching out to me, trying hard to not be pulled down, sending their light across the dusky haze. But I didn't have time to admire nature -- I was already due for a thrashing.

I sprang from where I had been sitting and ran towards the School of Light, with my auburn hair flying every which way, my hazel eyes wild with secret pleading. This would be my third thrashing this school year; my parents would not be happy.

With a last leap, I bounded up to the side door, hoping to sneak into class with some excuse -- I had plenty ready and waiting. I slipped in, slowly shutting the door. A group of junior lights were mediating on the Plaza of Thoughts at the end of the corridor, their white robes sprayed out around their feet.

I tip-toed my way in the opposite direction, not wanting to disturb them (or to get caught by their Watcher) and stuck to the shadows as I crept my way along the corridor, until I found my class; Inner Peace. My innards were not experiencing peace right now.

Just as I rested my hand on the crystal door knob, the gongs loud ringing bounced across the school, and immediately the peaceful quiet vanished and students of the light appeared everywhere. Streaming from all directions, eager to get home.

Marie came out of the class room I was about to enter, giving me a sympathetic look; "Teacher Alec is not in a good mood, good luck, Amelia!" She patted my arm and followed the crowd out the large doors leading to freedom.

How I love my best friend, leaving me to the face the lion. He already hates me, with me being-- "Miss Amelia, please enter." His commanding voice cut my thoughts to a close. Here goes nothing.

The author's comments:
A story of adventure, love and a hate. A story that will take you to heights you didn't dare imagine. A story you will not forget.

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